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Archive for January 2013

How to Search for and Claim an Unclaimed Balance

As careful as most people want to be with their money, there are occasions when money in the form of a cheque, savings account, GIC, money order, etc. could be forgotten. These funds may have been held at a Canadian bank but due to a variety of reasons such as illness, death, or simply, lack…

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Established Companies and Failed Products

There are many established companies in different sectors that have built a successful brand name for themselves – think Johnson and Johnson, Apple, Tim Hortons, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Walmart.  Their products are recognized by the masses and there is a lot of media attention devoted to the technology-oriented corporations (ie. the buzz surrounding…

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The Optimal RRSP/TFSA Contribution

Now that we are in RRSP season, you may be wondering “How much should I contribute to my RRSP?” The proper way to figure this out is to identify your “optimal RRSP/TFSA contribution”. This is a key factor in every retirement plan. Most Canadians decide how much to contribute based on the extra cash they…

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Calculating Your Adjusted Cost Base (ACB)

How to calculate your adjusted cost base (ACB). There was a comment left on the “How Capital Gains Tax Works” article about how to calculate your capital gains when you make multiple stock purchases at different prices over the years. The key is to go back into your records and find the transaction details to…

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How to Calculate Annual Investment Returns Using XIRR

After my 2012 year end net worth update, there was some chatter about how to properly calculate annual investment returns.  The fact is that there are a number of ways to calculate annual investment returns, some easier than others. For example, if you have a starting portfolio value and an ending portfolio value for a…

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$100 Credit Card Freebie, Investment Returns for 2012, Cost-conscious Ways to Cut Calories, and More!

$100 Gift Certificate Freebie Rate Supermarket is giving away a $100 gift card if you sign up with one of the selected Scotia Bank credit cards.  The gift card choices include Bon Appetit (Swiss Chalet, Montanas, Milestones etc), Futureshop, Chapters, and Starbucks.   This is a good opportunity for heavy grocery spenders to take advantage of…

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