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Archive for November 2009

Nov 2009 Net Worth Update (+1.65%)

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey Nov 2009 Net Worth Update It’s almost the end of 2009 and my net worth growth (along with many others) has been on a steady climb over the months.  Most of the gains this year has been from rapidly appreciating equity markets since March 2009, strong income and, most…

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Basics of Investing, Carnival, and 6 Figure Income!

Basics: looking for help to start investing @ Canadian Money Forum Carnival of Personal Finance Thanksgiving Survival Edition @ Fiscal Geek Making a 6 Figure Income By Working Less than 50 hours a week Part 1: a Look at Your Job @ Financial Blogger 5 Reasons Why You Will Retire Broke and Unhappy @ Generation…

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Unlimited Chequing Accounts in Canada

There are a number of options for unlimited banking in Canada. These are a few from Canada’s most popular banks. I was disappointed to hear recently that citizensbank no longer offers a personal banking option. Share with us here if you know of other Canadian banks that offer unlimited free transactions or where it’s possible…

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Case Study: Retirement Soon, RRSP or Mortgage?

Kayla from PEI emailed me for some advice about her financial situation.  She is 50 with a mortgage and small RRSP.  She’s wondering where she should focus her money as she hopes to retire when she is 55.  Here is more information about Kayla. RRSP Portfolio Value: $6,000 RRSP Contribution: $110/month Gross Income: $67,000 (after…

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3 Principles of Successful Investors Part 2

This is a continuation of a 2 part series on the principles of successful investors.  Here’s a quick recap of the first article. 1. Faith The single most important characteristic of successful investors is faith. This includes faith in the markets, in the future, in our free enterprise system, in the ability of good companies…

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How Car Lease Payments are Calculated

With the new 2010 Honda CRV released, a renewed interest in a replacement vehicle has occurred in our household. After browsing around the auto makers website, I was curious as to the difference between purchase and lease payments. As someone who likes to pay cash for everything to avoid the interest, I’ll reluctantly admit that…

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3 Principles of Successful Investors Part 1

“There are some people who, if they don’t already know, you can’t tell ’em.” – Yogi Berra Are you one of those investors for whom things just seem to always work out well? Getting superior long term returns seems to take little effort. Whatever strategy you use seems to eventually work. You don’t spend much…

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