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Archive for January 2009

More Online Backup Software, Book Winners and Weekend Reading

More Backup Software Last week, I recommended a free online backup solution called Mozy Backup.  Within the comments thread, Stephen Winters mentioned a free product by Microsoft called Windows Live Sync.  Even though it doesn’t do an online backup per se, it basically synchronizes files from different computers.  I’ve installed the program and it’s great…

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Income Trust Distributions and Taxation

There has been a little bit of confusion in the comments regarding how income trust distributions are taxed.  The confusion is in what the distributions are composed of.  Typically, when you look at a stock on the market with a distribution, you can safely assume that it’s a dividend.  Dividends are great as they are…

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Free Online Backups and Weekend Reading

Free Online Backups I was searching for online backup solutions and came by a little gem called Mozy Online Backup. This free service will automatically backup local computer files of your choice at set intervals onto their encrypted online site. No more worrying about losing your most important computer files due to hard drive crashes…

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Important Dividend Dates – Ex and Cum Dividend

For those hard core dividend investors, this post may seem a little trivial, but it will be of use for those just starting out on their dividend investing journey. Date of Record Dividend paying companies typically distribute their payments to investors on a quarterly basis.  When they declare their dividend, they typically state a date…

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8 Fundamental Money Lessons for Kids

This is another guest post by Kathryn who most recently wrote about feeding a family of 4 for $100/week.  This time around, she shares her ideas on how to teach kids about money. My brother and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to how we manage our finances and yet my Dad was…

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