Multiple Credit Card Strategy in Canada

New Rules For Prepaid Credit Cards

So, you want to get a new credit card, but you’re worried about whether it’ll hurt your credit. We have good news: lots of people have multiple credit cards and it doesn’t hurt their credit at all.  However, the more cards you have, the more you’ll need to keep track of. This article lays out…

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Best Low Risk Investments in Canada Right Now

investment growth graph

In a perfect world, we’d all find the best low risk investment opportunities, and then watch our investments grow and grow unabated without dropping a single cent. We’d all sleep soundly at night knowing our hard earned money is safe and secure.  The truth is that we’re all searching for safe investments with high returns. …

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The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards in Canada

balance transfer credit cards

Carrying a credit card balance will cost you money and can negatively impact your credit rating if you’re not careful – which is why we spend a lot of time warning you against it. But we know (we’ve been there) that sometimes it happens, and when it does, this collection of the Best Balance Transfer…

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Financial Freedom Update Sept 2021 – Market Highs Edition

chart 19

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey September 2021 Financial Freedom Update – Market Highs Edition! If you would like to follow my whole financial journey, you can get my updates sent directly to your email, via Twitter and/or Facebook. For those of you new here, since achieving $1M in net worth in June 2014 (age 35), I have shifted my focus to achieving financial independence.…

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Scotiabank SCENE Visa Review

scotiabank scene visa2

The Scotiabank SCENE Visa card is part of Cineplex’s beloved SCENE loyalty program, which rewards moviegoers for purchasing tickets and concessions. Our Scotiabank SCENE Visa credit card review gives you all the details about this overwhelmingly popular card. It also lays out the options for SCENE members who want to earn points faster. If you…

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