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Archive for October 2014

How Much Does Electricity Usage Cost?

Winter is approaching which means the refreshing crispness in the air will lead to higher heating costs.   For the most part, modern houses built in Newfoundland use electricity for heat, whereas places like Toronto, use natural gas.  Even if you don’t use electric based heat, you likely use electricity for your washer/dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator,…

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Getting Exposure to the Canadian Energy Industry

With oil prices falling to 52 week lows,  energy company stock prices are following suit with their own aggressive decline.  These low prices are bound to attract value investors like a number of readers that have recently contacted me. The main theme of the questions are: “how do I obtain exposure to the Canadian energy…

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Canada Pension Plan Children’s Benefits

This blog has featured Canada Pension Plan (CPP)-related posts before. In a similar vein, this post will discuss about another CPP-related benefit available to dependent children of disabled or deceased CPP contributors. Types of Children’s Benefits Disabled contributor’s child benefit. This benefit is available to the child of a CPP contributor who is receiving a…

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