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Archive for December 2011

Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio – December 2011

For those of you just joining us, below is my portfolio that is leveraged with money borrowed from my home equity line of credit (HELOC). As the money borrowed is used to invest, the interest charged is tax deductible. I write an update every so often to show new positions added along with any market…

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Anniversary Giveaway Winners and Christmas Links

The Successful Investor Investment Newsletter Reminder Last week, the team at The Successful Investor offered MDJ readers the lowest cost on the web for their award winning investment newsletter for Canadians.  Regular price is $139 annually, the MDJ price is $30. Heads up that this limited time offer will expire on January 15th, 2012.   More…

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Ultrashort Term Bond Funds

Ultrashort term bond funds (not to be confused with shorting) are mutual funds that include government bonds, corporate bonds, and mortgage-backed securities. As seen before, bonds offer fixed income with maturities varying from a few months to several years. The ultrashort bonds have short maturity periods ranging from a few months to a year, thereby…

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Why Cash is King

During my net worth updates, one question that often comes along is why I hold so much cash.  I believe the rationale behind the question is that  under normal circumstances, cash could be put to work and grow instead of sitting in a “high” interest rate savings account that barely keeps up with inflation.  I…

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Tax Considerations for Self-Employed People

According to the CRA, someone who runs a business, be it a sole proprietorship or partnership, is classified as a self-employed person. Since January 2011, self-employed Canadians can register for Employment Insurance special benefits including maternity, parental, and sickness benefits. This post will look at some key items that would be useful for self-employed people.…

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