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Archive for November 2011

Company Stock Buybacks

Typically, investors calculate their return from a stock as capital appreciation plus dividend payments. For non-dividend paying companies, the growth prospects of the company decide the stock price and thereby, the return for the shareholder. However, a corporation can also provide value to a shareholder through a share buyback program. This post will look at…

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$50 ING Freebie, PRPP, Dividend Stocks and More..

$50 Bonus for Opening an ING Direct Account (only until Dec 31) @ Canadian Money Forum Investing Stratetgy: When to Buy Dividend Stocks @ The Archives The key to success of the new PRPP @ Retire Happy 5 Tips to Help you Downsize Your Lifestyle @ Sustainable Personal Finance 5 Reasons You Should Never Buy…

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Callable Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC)

As known to most investors, a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) offers security of principal and provides a fixed or variable (if linked to the Prime Rate or Equity Markets) rate of interest/return, albeit lower than other investment vehicles such as stocks, for locking in the principal for a specific time period. The longer the time…

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5 Reasons Why it’s Better to Rent than to Buy

This is a guest column by Sean Cooper. If you’re a renter you’ve probably heard it a million times from family and friends, “paying rent is like throwing away your money” or my favourite, “paying rent is paying someone else’s mortgage.” In certain situations both those statements are partially true, however, as you probably already…

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