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Archive for September 2011

What is a Pension Adjustment (PA)?

Whether you’re a member of a defined benefit (DB) or defined contribution (DC) pension plan, you’ll receive a pension adjustment (PA) each year. It’s important to understand what a PA is because it affects the maximum amount you can contribute to your RRSP each year. Let’s explore the PA, how it affects RRSP room and…

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Analyzing Financial Statements – Cashflow Statement

The previous two posts had discussed about metrics that are derived from a balance sheet and earnings statement. This week, we will conclude by looking at a few other metrics that are determined by using data from the third component of a corporate financial statement – the cash flow. Consolidated Cash Flow Statement The cash…

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Capital One Aspire Cash World and Aspire Platinum Review

Late summer 2011, Capital One added two new MasterCards to the Aspire family, to replace their old tiered cash-back reward cards. These include two new versions: World and Platinum. Both are purely cash-back cards, with no tiers, earning limits, minimums, or annoying restrictions that many other cards have. Aspire Cash™ World MasterCard® (Discontinued) Earn 50%…

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Scotia iTrade Offers Commission Free ETFs!

If you’ve been following personal finance news over the past little while, you may have heard about a groundbreaking offer from Scotia iTrade that no other Canadian stock broker offers – FREE ETF trades. This is big news for index investors as they can avoid the $19.95 trading commission ($9.95 for those with $50k balance)…

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Analyzing Financial Statements – The Income Statement

The previous post had looked at some metrics that could be derived from the balance sheet of a company. This week, we will look at other metrics that could be computed using the consolidated earnings statement of a company. Consolidated Earnings Statement (Income Statement) A statement of earnings provides information about a company’s revenue and…

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