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Archive for June 2011

How Key Stock Ratios Work

One large component of fundamental analysis is reviewing key stock ratios to evaluate the companies profitability, liquidity, performance and value. It should be noted however that any single ratio should not be used to determine whether or not it’s a good company to own.  In my opinion, a combination of ratios should be used along…

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How I Graduated from University Debt-Free

This is an article from Sean Cooper, Pension Analyst, RESP administrator and Income Tax Preparer. Saving for university is difficult, especially in Ontario, which has the highest tuition fees in Canada. In 2010, undergrads in Ontario paid average tuition fees of $6,307, a 5.4 per cent increase from 2009. When I started university I had…

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Major Stock Market Indices

The equity market includes several segments; indices capture the movement of these segments by concentrating on a sector, region, country, or cluster of any of them. With mutual funds and ETFs providing an easy way to track such indices, an investor may or may not be aware of the constituents of the indices and thereby,…

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How Much Does the Queen Make?

With all the media frenzy behind the Royal Wedding over the past few months, it was hard not to get pulled into the vortex.  But for me, it wasn’t about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress (or her sisters), my thoughts revolved around the cost of the wedding (surprised?), but ultimately, the kind of income the Royal…

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A Primer on Money Market Funds

Money market refers to a section of the fixed income market, where money needed in the near future (emergency fund, down payment for a home, cash in a brokerage account while waiting for stock/bond buying opportunities) can be parked for easy accessibility. Unlike bonds, which are the well-known type among fixed income investment options, the…

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How to Maximize Loyalty Reward Points

How many of you are a member of a loyalty points program?  I’m willing to bet that most of you are part of some program, likely it’s in one of the more popular programs like  Aeroplan, Air Miles, Esso, Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), or even Shoppers Drug Mart.  Personally, I have accounts with all mentioned,…

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