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Archive for April 2010

Top Platinum Credit Cards in Canada

This is a guest post by Bank Guru. For those people who have had a credit card for more than a few years, it could be time to start thinking about whether the card you currently own offers all of the benefits you want. For more established consumers, an option that is available is a…

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Smartphone/iPhone Plan Comparison

Typically, I’m a no frills kinda guy.  Nothing too fancy, but I do like my technology.  When the iPhone was first released, I simply saw it as an expensive toy with an even more expensive monthly servicing fee.  However, the more I think about it, the more it would make sense to have one for my online…

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Case Study: Saving for an MBA Education

This scenario came from regular reader Sam.  He is a new graduate making a decent living, but has questions about his RRSPs.  What makes his scenario unique is that he plans on using his RRSP to fund his MBA ambitions in a few years time. I graduated a year ago and got a job.   I’m…

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Avoid the 5-Year Fixed Mortgage Trap

Should I go short or long; fixed or variable with my mortgage? “I wish I had an answer to that, because I’m tired of answering that question.” – Yogi Berra Number 3 on our list of things on which Canadians waste the most money is 5-year fixed mortgages. They are marketed as being safe and…

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