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Archive for September 2009

Scotia Momentum Cash Back Visa Review

As I have done a good few credit card reviews in the past, I’ve received several emails regarding the Scotia Momentum cash back Visa (link). Usually when so many readers ask about the same product, there has to be something of value there. So off I went to dig up some information to see how…

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Car Leasing Tip – Increase Your Security Deposit

Yes, leasing a car is frowned upon in the personal finance realm from a purely financial perspective, but there are those that swear by leasing a car despite the numbers.  Leases generally have higher interest rates, restrictions on the vehicle (limited kms, tire wear, scratches etc), not to mention a perpetual car payment. On the…

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High Risk TFSA, Financial Rules of Thumb and More

Canadian Money Forum has a great discussion about putting high risk investments within a TFSA. Canadian Tax Resource lists 6 rules of thumb everyone should know. The Digerati Life shows us that dollar cost averaging works. Thicken My Wallet gives tips in picking the right executor and guardian. Canadian Capitalist lists 9 lessons relearned from…

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None of My Business

I am one of those people who strangers tell their life story to on airplanes and then at the end of the flight, look somewhat embarrassed and say, “I don’t know why I told you all that. I’m usually a very private person.” People leave their luggage with me at train stations while they run…

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Making Tax Installment Payments

So you’ve started a brand new business and it’s actually turning a profit sooner than you expected.  Things are going well, but something comes to mind..  you haven’t paid any tax on your income yet.  No worries though, the government will reach into your pocket sooner or later and it’s best that you are prepared.…

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What’s Important About Money to You?

“It ain’t the heat; it’s the humility.”– Yogi Berra It’s not about the money. What is your real inner motivation for how you handle money – how do you spend it, and how and why do you save it? Having talked to thousands of people about their money, we have found that money is very…

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Creating Super Human Kids

As our toddler is approaching the 2nd year of life (terrible twos?), we have been contemplating various school systems and activities. We have thought about educational day cares, Montessori schools, ballet, Karate, piano, French immersion, swimming, soccer and the list goes on. Stepping back and looking at the big picture, I have to think about…

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