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Archive for July 2009

Weekend Reading Twitter Edition: July 31, 2009

I asked my twitter followers to send some of their best personal finance articles for the week, below is what they came back with: While Kathryn wrote about different ways to reduce debt, No Credit Needed had a similar article about his debt reduction mindset. Michael James on Money asks why company pensions are at…

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July 2009 Net Worth Update (+1.75%): Big Home Expenses

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey July 2009 Net Worth Update – The Home Expenses Edition Houses are expensive!  With summer in full force, I have been diving into the “honey do list.”  Thus far, we have installed a fence and organized the garage.  Other items on the list include creating a front garden for…

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Case Study: Financial Priorities

Miya wrote me an email about her financial situation and was looking for an opinion. I am a big fan of Million Dollar Journey and I learned a lot from here. I realized that if you don’t manage money, the money will manage you.  Although I understand the fundamentals about finance management (I think I…

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Best of Blogs Results and BNN!

Many readers have emailed me wondering about the Best of Blogs results.  The competition was stiff this year, especially with a large US site in the mix. It was a tough battle and after the dust settled we managed to gather enough votes to place an honorable second!  A big thank you for those who…

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Buying a Car – The Research

As I mentioned in my last net worth update, I am in the process in doing some research on replacing my 8 year old vehicle.  Ideally, I would like to keep my current car a big longer, but it has recently turned on me and the repair bills are really starting to add up. In…

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