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Archive for April 2009

April 2009 Net Worth Update: Bull Market? (+4.12%)

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey April 2009 Net Worth Update – Is this really a bull market edition. My last net worth update in March indicated that we just started a market rally.  The rally has continued throughout April and I’ve actually done a little buying within my leveraged portfolio as well as within…

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7 Ways Saving Money is like Losing Weight

In the past 12 months, I’ve been able to save 20% of my income and lose 20 lbs. In the process I’ve learned that there are many similarities between losing weight and saving money. Here are 7 ways saving money is like losing weight: 1. Have a goal Here it’s the million dollar journey. The…

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The Costco Debate – Thoughts and Tips

There’s a discussion on Canadian Money Forum on the merits and downfalls of Costco membership.  The thread caught my interest as I am a big fan of the wholesale retailer.  There’s something about the shiny electronics when walking in the entrance, nibbling on free food samples while perusing, and the low prices that keep me…

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Dividend Payout Timing for the Monthly Cashflow

If you are a believer in dividend investing and would like to use this strategy to give you dependable monthly payments, then dividend timing is an order.  What do I mean?  Dividend companies typically pay their distributions once every 3 months but they do not all pay on the same month.  How would you arrange…

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Do You Plan to Leave Anything Behind?

The premise behind this post is based on a forum topic started by Sampson.  The question was, what are your inheritance plans when you pass on?  Do you plan on leaving a large sum for the next generation?  Or do you plan on spending it all?  Perhaps you plan on leaving whatever is left over?…

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