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Archive for May 2008

More Weekend Reading – May 31, 2008

Lazy Man and Money announces Two Years of Lazy Man and Money. Within the announcement, he confesses that he’s had thoughts of calling it quits. I think that a lot of consistent bloggers face burnout at one point or another. The Digerati Life writes about a family friend who purchased an extremely risky $1 million…

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May 2008 Net Worth Update (+3.12%)

It’s the end of month financial checkup! Lets see, where do we start? On the income front, my wife finally started getting her maternity benefits along with the monthly UCCB payments. Even though the benefits are much less than her regular paycheck, they help take some of the pressure off. On the expense side of…

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Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio – May 2008

Time again for the monthly Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio update, May 2008 edition. I asked during the last update whether or not I should keep these monthly portfolio posts going, or if I should space them out a bit. I think that most of you enjoy these posts, but some may find them boring. So, I…

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Your Money Personality

I really get a kick out of the MSN Money personal finance articles.  The other day, they wrote about money personalities and how most people struggle with their relationship with money. They then went on to categorize 8 money personalities that people fall into. I’m not sure how much value it provides, but it’s an…

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Saving Strategy: Ask for a Discount

As a frugalist, I always try to get the best deal possible in whatever I buy or pay for. If you’re going to buy something, why not try to get the best possible price? Who says that the marked price is the price that you must pay? What’s the secret to getting a discount on…

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Overbought Oil and Weekend Reading

Overbought Oil The Globe and Mail reports that oil supplies are rising but oil prices aren’t correcting. Are we in for a big time oil price correction in the near future? Seems that something has to give. If you are a contrarian and willing to bet against the oil bull, the Proshares Ultrashort Oil and…

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The High Cost of the Manulife One Mortgage

One of my older posts regarding the Manulife One Mortgage is still generating a lot of discussion. Basically it’s a battle between the convenience of having all your banking and debt under one account vs. the extra premium that you pay for the privilege. To quickly summarize the Manulife One mortgage, it’s a giant HELOC…

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