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Archive for August 2007

Best of August 2007 and More!

It's the end of August already, which means the end of summer.  How time flies by!  Below I have links to articles I have enjoyed this week along with the top 7 most commented articles on Million Dollar Journey for August 2007 Free Money Finance has hosted this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance.  My article…

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August 2007 Net Worth Update (+0.11%)

It’s time again for my monthly net worth update – The August 2007 edition. This summer isn't going as smoothly as planned.  First I've had a ton of unexpected expenses followed by a market correction which started in late July.  The market correction has affected my August 2007 net worth statement a little more than…

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Reader Comments: Multiple Streams of Income

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article questioning the effectiveness of multiple streams of income. Here is a snippet from the article: … rentals, businesses, investments, stock trading and my regular 9-5 job as sources. My question is, should I be focused on smaller multiple streams of income? Or focus on larger, single…

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Dividend Analysis – Power Financial Corporation

After discovering Dividend Matters blog, I was instantly hooked!  The blogger of Dividend Matters, Average Joe, goes through various valuation methods of dividend paying companies and tells us if it's a good buy at current prices.  I personally have been using his "average dividend high" method for a couple years now.. more on this in…

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Reader Mail: Buried in Debt, Help!

I received an email from Curtis last week regarding how to deal with all his debt. This was the email: I have a question in regards to student loan debt. Myself and my wife both have student loan debt over $40,000 combined. We both have good paying jobs with a total income of about $80,000-$85,000.…

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Saturday Reading – August 25, 2007

I neglected to write a link post this week, so I'll use the rare Saturday post to highlight some great articles from around the blogosphere this past week. Trent from The Simple Dollar has hosted this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance.  I submitted my article on "Emergency Funds, how much is enough?". Globe Investor writes…

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Probate Fees by Province

In an article about the lack of estate taxes in Canada that I wrote a couple weeks ago, The Financial Blogger mentioned that there are probate fees instead.  This got me thinking as I haven't done a lot of reading on probate fees, so I did some digging to get some info for interested readers.…

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