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Archive for April 2007

April 2007 Net Worth Update (+3.53%)

It’s time again for my monthly net worth update – The April 2007 edition. I’ve been asked by a reader on why I include my cash accounts in my net worth. The cash amount is the bare minimum that we keep in our accounts, even after paying all our bills at the end of the…

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Weekend Reading – April 27, 2007

Time again for the weekend link fest to other insightful articles/videos around the web: CBC writes about a “Plan to Avoid Last Minute Tax Panic“ ..our deadline is April 30 but the deadline for filing in the U.S. is April 15,” …self employed taxpayers are not required to file returns until June 15. However, if…

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Required Down Payment Reduced from 25%->20%!

The Canadian Government has introduced legislation that will reduce the mandatory amount that home buyers have to put down on a home to avoid the expensive CMHC fees. Home buyers can now put down 20% instead of 25%. Here is the article from The Globe and Mail: …Canada’s big banks are applauding new legislation that…

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First Time Home Buyer – Down Payment & CMHC

To continue on with the First Time Home Buyer series from last week, I’d like to talk a little about the down payment required for the first time home buyer. There are many options available in Canada for down payments, but the general rule of thumb is, the higher your down payment, the less you…

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Welcome our Newest Sponsors!

Seems that our “Links for Charity” program is getting popular! We now have 2 more sponsors under this program bringing the total charitable contributions to $75! When the account reaches $100, I will put up a poll for you to decide which charity to donate to. Lets begin by introducing Stock Trading 101. Blain, the…

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Reader Comment: RRSP vs. Mortgage

Ed Rempel has an interesting point of view on the debate: RRSP vs. Mortgage. I thought that many of his points were valid and should be shared with you. I’ve run many scenarios of RRSP vs mortgage over the years and have found the main determining factor is a huge surprise. The top 3 factors…

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Guess the NASDAQ Close: $100 Prize!

Stock Trading 101 has started another stock guessing contest, this time he is offering a $100 cash prize for the person who guesses the EXACT NASDAQ closing price in 1 week. Simply leave a comment on this post with your guess! How to Enter Simply leave via a comment the price at which you think…

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Weekend Reading – April 20, 2007

Thanks to the loyal following of this site, we have reached over 300 RSS feed subscribers this week! What is an RSS feed? It’s basically a way to read your favorite blogs through a separate reader instead of visiting the site directly. The 300 represents how many people read this site through a feed reader…

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