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Archive for March 2007

March 2007 Net Worth Update (+1.57%)

It’s time again for a monthly net worth update – The March 2007 edition. Not many changes this month, just a slight increase in net worth due to savings. The market drop during the end of February reduced my portfolio by about 3%, but it has since regained most of it’s losses. Assets Cash: $4,500…

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Around the Web – March 29, 2007

Rob Carrick summarizes and suggests strategies for the new RESP rules in his article “Hats off to the New and Improved RESP“. Liz Weston explains how to get ahead financially in your 30’s in her article “Your 30s: Now’s the time to get ahead“ Starbucks is starting to feel the heat from competition! writes…

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Money Saving Tips for Auto Insurance!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a money saving strategy, this time around we’re going to discuss how to save money on the dreaded auto insurance! I’ve been utilizing these tips below when insuring my home and our two vehicles. Increase Your Deductible The deductible is the amount of the claim that you are…

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Stock Pick Battle Royale!

To keep with the stock market theme of the day, Stock Trading 101 has a little stock picking contest between various blog owners. Yours truly has been asked to pick 2 stocks for the current week. Here are the picks and contestants so far, wish me luck! CONTESTANT PICKS Here are our contestant picks (note…

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Manipulating the Market with Jim Cramer!

Have you ever thought about how big money players like hedge funds and institutional investors manipulate the market? Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund manager, describes in this video on how he used to manipulate the market with his hedge fund dollars! This video was pulled by YouTube last week, but it’s now back on…

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Finding the Balance Between Life and Money

How do you find the balance between living life and saving money? With this blog about saving money and increasing my net worth, it’s easy for me to get carried away and stop spending money on things that are enjoyable in life. For example, when my wife mentioned that she wanted to go on a…

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Around the Web – March 23, 2007

Some very entertaining investment blog videos at I discovered that site last week and have been addicted a regular ever since! Canadian Capitalist has a summary of different views on the Federal budget from various Canadian bloggers. Middle Class Millionaire thinks that was a waste of Government time and money. You can read…

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RBC High Interest eSavings Account!

Finally, one of the big banks has started a high interest savings account that is competitive with other financial institutions like PC Financial. RBC has introduced their High Interest eSavings Account that currently pays out 4% interest / year. If you look at the details below, this account will work out great for those of…

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