Introducing new MDJ Team Members and Weekly Money Links

New MDJ Team Members

If you’ve noticed a new “face” around the Million Dollar Journey office the past couple of weeks it’s because I’ve decided to bring on a little help. I’ve asked Kyle Prevost and Kornel Szweiber to come on board. As two young-ish Canadians who share my values about reaching financial independence sooner rather than later, and helping others do the same, I think you’ll really enjoy what they bring to the table. Here’s a brief look at who these fellows are, and what they’ll be writing about.

->Kyle Prevost is a veteran of the Canadian financial writing scene. You might remember him as the main writer at Young and Thrifty, or know him as the producer of the Canadian Financial Summit. He is one of Canada’s leading experts on discount brokerage accounts and robo advisors. Kyle doesn’t just do personal finance for the Internet, however, he also teaches personal finance daily as a high school teacher in Manitoba (A course that he helped create).

In addition to making investment advice more accessible to the average Canadian, Kyle will be writing about preparing for retirement at any age, saving money using day-to-day banking hacks, negotiating better deals for yourself, and quick budget wins.

->Kornel Szweiber doesn’t just talk early financial independence – he lives it! In addition to hosting Canada’s #1 personal finance podcast at the Build Wealth Canada Podcast, Kornel reached a point where work is optional before he turned 30. He is a self-described money nerd and loves taking deep dives into new pools of financial knowledge so that he can teach others how to confidently swim with the money sharks.

Kornel will be revealing some of the many insights that he has gained from interviewing dozens of Canadian financial experts and will be writing about everything from paths to early retirement, to budget tips for family life.

This Weeks Money Links

My Own Advisor often provides real-life scenarios of people on their way to retirement but often wondering if they have enough.  Check out this post about a couple who have $1.2M and wondering if they can retire?

Boomer and Echo who has been growing online business over the years has taken the leap and quit his job!  Not any job, but a government job with plenty of benefits.  Respect to you Robb and congrats! I hope I can be as brave as you one day!

Gen Y Money who now has 2 young children has taken the time to evaluate the benefits of a family RESP vs an individual RESP.

Eat Sleep Breath FI has a great guest post by Tawcan about the cost to be a stay at home parent.  We have been a single income family for about 8 years now and with a bit of planning it can work out well!

Cut the Crap Investing does a little digging into whether it’s better to have an all-stock portfolio or a traditional stock/bond portfolio during retirement.  Besides pure performance, investors need to consider the “sleep at night” factor which may be even more important!

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FT is the founder and editor of Million Dollar Journey (est. 2006). Through various financial strategies outlined on this site, he grew his net worth from $200,000 in 2006 to $1,000,000 by 2014. You can read more about him here.
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1 year ago

Thanks for the mention! :) MDJ is one of my favourite blogs and resources too!

Dale Roberts
1 year ago

Good additions for sure. I can see why you would do this. I can’t keep up. And being a long time professional writer I can write like the Flash.

Crazy how all of this wants to turn into a business. It was supposed to be a fun hobby that earns a couple of bucks, ha.

Congrats to all. One of my absolute favourite blogs and resources.


Kyle Prevost
1 year ago
Reply to  Dale Roberts

Thanks Dale – love what you’re doing over at CTC Investing!