Best Budgeting Apps For Canadians

canadian budget apps

A good first step in the journey from beginner to personal finance wizard is to have a handle on your day-to-day expenses. This means knowing how much you are making, how much you are spending, and what you can afford to save. Yup… we’re talking about the B word – BUDGETING. To some, it can…

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Make Money Online in Canada 2022

canadian millionaire money

The last two years have brought monumental changes to our lives, many of which have opened up countless opportunities for people to earn money while working online from home.  Whether you are looking for a way to earn some extra money from home, or to start a new career that will allow you the flexibility…

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The Best Canadian Dividend ETFs

Best Canadian Dividend Etfs

This post was originally written in 2015 but I have updated it in April of 2021 due to recent questions about the top Canadian dividend ETFs available.  Check out the new entrants below. Dividend investing has been a part of my portfolio strategy since I started MDJ and has become a major part of my…

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Ultimate Smith Manoeuvre Guide Canada

Smith Manoeuvre

Canada’s Smith Manoeuvre and how to turn your mortgage into a tax deductible loan (like an American mortgage!) was one the first topics that I ever wrote about here on Million Dollar Journey back in 2007! My Smith Manoeuvre portfolio is still going strong, and I don’t anticipate making changes any time soon. Indeed, with interest…

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Wealthsimple Trade Review

wealthsimple trade review logo

Wealthsimple Trade is an online brokerage platform that allows you to build and manage your own investment portfolio. It’s one part of Wealthsimple, a company with 1.5 million customers and $8.4 billion in assets under management. Wealthsimple has been around since 2014 and Wealthsimple Trade launched in 2019. Unlike Wealthsimple Invest and robo-advisors like it,…

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The Best Bank Account Promotions in Canada

bank promos canada

If you’ve spent any time with us, you’ll know that we love a good bonus offer and/or bank account promo offer code. But which of Canada’s bank account promotions are currently worth your time?  We’ve combed through the industry’s promos and picked out some of the very best for you. These promotional offers are from…

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Qtrade Promo Code 2022

qtrade new logo

Not only do they currently occupy the top spot in our Canadian Discount Brokerage rankings, the new Qtrade Promo Code for the 2021 – 2022 RRSP Season represents fantastic value for Canadian investors. Not only is Qtrade’s welcome bonus the biggest in Canada, but it also has the easiest minimum requirements. Simply click the link below,…

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45 Best ETFs in Canada For 2022

best canadian etf

I’ve been writing about the best ETFs in Canada since 2006, including my favourite Canadian Dividend ETFs, and more recently the best Canadian all-in-one ETFs (sometimes called Portfolio ETFs). With ETFs getting more and more popular – and attracting more competition – we often get comments and emails asking us for a one-stop shop Ultimate…

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