Motive Financial Review

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What Is Motive Financial Bank? Motive Financial, which is under the Canadian Western Bank, is one of Canada’s best known online banks. They offer chequing, savings, RRSP, TFSA, and GIC accounts. Since Motive Financial has no brick and mortar physical locations, they are able to cut down on overhead costs and offer clients some pretty…

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Scotiabank Review: Elite Chequing, Banking, and Credit Card Package

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The ease of using Canada’s most international big bank is unparalleled.  It has all the brick-and-mortar corner location convenience, coupled with an excellent online platform.  You can easily shuffle money between chequing and savings accounts – and the Free premium credit card – two of Canada’s top options – what puts this package over the…

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Eirene Cremations Review

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Death is not a topic people like to typically discuss (for obvious reasons). However, death (and the  is a reality for everyone and should be thought about ahead of time. After all, the costs associated with funeral arrangements are often jarring.   It’s no secret that the funeral industry isn’t necessarily a fair one. Like with…

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