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Archive for April 2014

Investors Beware: 4 Things to Watch Out for When Investing

This is a guest post by Peter Hodson.  Peter Hodson is CEO of 5i Research (, an independent and conflict-free investment research provider. Prior to founding 5i Research, he was Director of Sprott Inc., and Chairman of Sprott Asset Management LP where he managed his own $150 million fund as well as part of a…

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How to Start Making Money with YouTube

One of the oft-written about topics on financial blogs involves ways to save money. Saving money is certainly one piece of the ‘earn more and/or spend less’ mantra. Supplementing one’s primary income with part-time gigs/ventures can provide a fillip to stretched budgets and/or offer additional contribution to savings/investment accounts. With the ubiquity of the Internet,…

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Wealth Strategy: Track Your Net Worth

This post was originally published in early 2009, but brought to the forefront as I believe it’s one of the more important strategies for growing wealth. For those of you who have been following my journey, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a big believer in tracking and managing progress to help achieve desired goals.  I…

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Closing Costs When Selling a Home

Buying a home today isn’t cheap. Soaring house prices coupled with tighter mortgage rules, has helped make housing a lot less affordable. If you’ve ever purchased a home before, you should be well aware of closing costs. But buyers aren’t the only ones stuck footing the bill. Sellers have their own closing costs to contend…

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