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Archive for August 2013

Are you too focused on Risk Reduction vs. Growth?

A few years ago, we held a client event that highlighted the difference between how different types of investors think. I had invited my favourite hedge fund manager and my favourite growth fund manager. It was the contrast in their thinking that I found fascinating. The hedge fund manager was the true hedge fund type…

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How to Invest with Small Amounts per Month

I originally published this article in 2009, but have since updated it with more relevant information. Since the last article on discount brokers that offer commission free ETFs, new investor readers have been requesting more information on investing small amounts per month. When people get their finances in order and decide to invest, it’s common…

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Alternatives to Declaring Bankruptcy

Despite attempts to budget and save in a prudent manner, certain mistakes such as marrying the wrong person or failing in business can lead even people with good financial knowledge down the path of bankruptcy. Insolvency statistics (comprising consumers and businesses) for Canada in 2011 showed a decrease of 8.9% (year-over-year) including bankruptcies and proposals.…

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Re-Balancing Multiple Accounts, Money as Freedom, Life after Job Loss and More!

Multiple accounts makes re-balancing a nightmare! @ Canadian Money Forum 5 Cheap Places To Retire @ Sustainable Personal Finance Pension plans provide safe, guaranteed income in retirement @ Retire Happy Blog Children and nutrition @ Balance Junkie 30 Signs You Grew Up In A Frugal Family @ Boomer and Echo Dividend Investing Advantages and Disadvantages…

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How to Earn More Cash Back Rewards

When it comes to earning rewards, most of us are looking for one specific credit card that can help us get the most cash back or travel points for our spending. I’ve tried a number of different rewards credit cards on their own before discovering that a combination of two or three cards gave me…

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5 Advantages of the Dividend Investing Strategy

Some readers have emailed me about the dividend investing strategy, and specifically, why I follow it.  Personally, I’m a believer of both index investing and dividend investing where both have their merits. I use index investing for the accounts that are mostly hands off, like the RESP accounts for my children, and I even have…

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Considering a Trade? This is How an Apprenticeship Works!

An apprenticeship is a valuable means to receive hands-on training to complement the theoretical knowledge gained through schoolwork.  For trades such as carpentry, electrical and plumbing, completion of apprenticeship training is a requirement to obtain certification (journeyman license). Possession of a license increases opportunities and prospects for mobility, while enabling certified tradespeople to train and…

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Scotiabank American Express Gold Review

You are reading the title right, not only can you get an American Express card issued from the parent company, you can now get an AMEX with Scotiabank.  As with most AMEX products, the value to the card holder is relatively high, but because the merchant fees are typically higher than Visa/MasterCard, acceptance can be…

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