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Archive for November 2012

Net Worth Update November 2012 (+1.04%)

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey November 2012 Net Worth Update.  For those of you new to Million Dollar Journey, a monthly net worth update is typically posted near the end of the month (or beginning of the next) to track the progress of my journey to one million in net worth, hopefully by the time…

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4 Tips on Being Successful with your Online Education

With increasing technology and online tools (like Adobe Connect where you can easily attend webinars), online education is becoming ubiquitous. So ubiquitous that according to The Atlantic, the University of Phoenix (they are the leader and pioneer in online education) graduated 355,000 students last year, which is more than the top 20 largest campuses combined.…

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Retail Store Advertisement Strategies

It is not uncommon to hear a friend, colleague, or relative discuss about how they went to the store to purchase X and returned after buying X and Y (sometimes just Y!). The reasoning for such an unplanned buy is usually attributed to the store’s deal, offer, or sale. Sometimes, these ads serve as helpful…

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Not Retired Yet? Ignore the 4% Withdrawal Rule

As an investor, you’re probably already aware there are things you can control and things you can’t. In the list of what you can control, your investing behaviour is critical. You can also control your investment costs and your taxable income but nothing compares to your behaviour when it comes to managing money. If you…

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Managing DRIPs and SPPs, Value Village High-Pricing, Free Chequing Account Comparison, and More!

Save 10% on everything at Chapters online until Sunday November 18th, 2012 Managing ‘real’ DRIPs and SPPs @ Canadian Money Forum Treat Fixed-Rate Mortgages as a Kind of Insurance @ Michael James on Money Not all advisors understand investing for income @ Retire Happy Blog Are you getting gouged at Value Village? @ Squawkfox The True…

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How Layaway Plans Work

While browsing the Sears website, I noticed a section about their layaway program that got me interested to dig deeper into such plans. Layaway plans have their roots in the Great Depression era when cash-strapped consumers were encouraged to shop by taking advantage of such programs. The programs had disappeared for a while but the…

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The Pros and Cons of Insuring your Children

This is a guest post by Promod Sharma, an Actuary based out of Toronto, ON. You (probably) love your children and want the best for them. Does being a good parent mean insuring them too? We’ll look primarily at life insurance and critical illness insurance from the perspective of an actuary. There’s also a nifty…

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