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Archive for July 2011

Shopping in the U.S – Duty Free Allowances

Cross Border Shopping With the Canadian dollar at it’s strongest levels in 30 years relative to the USD, if you’re anything like me, you may be thinking about doing some shopping in the U.S to save a few dollars.  But how much will those trips across the border cost you if you do decide to…

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Little-known Canadian Benefit Programs – III (Seniors)

In the previous post, we touched upon a few of the federal disability benefit programs available to Canadian residents, while the first post of this series discussed about federal student benefit programs. This week, we’ll continue the series by looking at some other programs available. Allowance Program (Seniors) Low-income seniors between the ages of 60…

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Estate Planning – Where is Your Money Going?

I’m not sure if it’s a recent hot topic, or if it’s because my mind has been on it, but estate planning and inheritance seem to be popping up all over the personal finance landscape (see Canadian Capitalist guest post). While our current wealth is modest, I imagine that the more time our investments have…

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Ways to Finance Your Real Estate Investment

Like food, real estate is one of those human essentials for which there will always be a demand. After all, real estate is where we stick our shelters. As an investment, however, real estate is notoriously capricious, a marketplace that generates big winners and big losers. So, whether your eye is on some hulking home…

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6 Easy Ways to Reduce your Grocery Bill

Grocery store prices are on the rise – in April, George Weston Ltd., owner of grocery giant Loblaw, increased prices by five percent. Whether you’re a student living on residence, a senior on a fixed income, or a young couple with two children, food prices affect everyone’s budget. If you can save even just $5…

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