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Archive for April 2011

Types of Stock Chart Patterns

Stock chart patterns are the visual cues that emerge from historical stock price data, providing traders insight into existing supply and demand for the stock. Studying the underlying patterns or shapes in a stock chart can aid in evaluating the momentum (uptrend/downtrend), support and resistance of the stock. The next few posts will look at…

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Top Small Business Credit Cards in Canada

As I’ve done a few financial product reviews in the past, a couple of readers expressed interest in my opinion about the top small business credit cards in Canada.  Even though I run a small business of my own, this is an area that I haven’t really researched, that is, until now. You may be…

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Free at 45 – Book Review and Giveaway

Timothy Stobbs, the author of the book Free at 45 – How to Retire Early and Happy (link), may be better known to you as the blogger behind Canadian Dream – Free at 45.  Tim recently completed his book project and contacted me to help spread the word with a review.  I must admit that…

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Types of Stock Charts

A stock chart is a graphical illustration of historical stock prices that aids in gauging the price movement of the stock over time. There are four main types of stock charts available to the typical day trader or investor. These charts vary in complexity and are used depending on the details sought. The available types…

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Financial Advice or Financial Quackery?

“You gotta be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, otherwise you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra How can you tell whether financial advice you receive is real financial advice or financial quackery? Much of what happens in the financial industry is financial quackery, but because the common methods are familiar to…

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