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Archive for August 2010

Net Worth Update August 2010 (+1.56) – RRSP Contribution

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey August 2010 Net Worth Update – RRSP Contribution Edition. It’s a little past halfway through the year and I finally got my act together and made our RRSP contributions.  I figured since our cash savings was buiding up, we might as well put it to some use.  The bright side is…

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Flipping Houses, Electric Cars, Market Roll Over and More

Flipping Houses for Profit @ in the Archives (1 year ago today) Is the Market Headed for a Rollover Accident? @ Balance Junkie Thoughts on Electric Cars @ Canadian Money Forum Geothermal Home Heating Case Study – Going Green Puts Green into Your Pocket @ Canadian Financial DIY Advice To Future University Students @ Canadian…

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The Downside of Owning REITs

This is written by our resident real estate guru Rachelle. In many of my past columns I have discussed the problems of buying real estate in our current market. I have mostly decried that current prices, even at today’s interest rates, are too high to make a profit. I have also warned of the dangers…

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CPPIB and Highway 407

With the talks of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) bidding on the company Intoll for $3.2 billion, it got me curious to do more research on the deal.   InToll owns 30% of the Toronto toll highway 407 and 25% of a toll highway Westlink M7 in Sydney Australia.  The CPPIB interest in the company was…

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Overseas Canadian Residents and Tax Returns

This is a column by regular contributor Clark Recently, a friend went overseas (the US) on a temporary assignment. He is a perennial last-minute income tax filer and so, I joked that the tax deadline in the US is two weeks before the Canadian one and that he might want to advance his last-minute rush…

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