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Archive for February 2010

Platus Awards, Cheap Acts, Selling Wine and More Links

Million Dollar Journey was nominated for the best Canadian personal finance blog in the new Platus Awards.  If you have a moment, vote for your favorite blogs here. Cheapest thing you have ever done @ Canadian Money Forum Selling Wine – Almost Like Blogging @ Lazy Man and Money Why are people so bad with…

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5 Ways to Reduce Financial Clutter

1. Pick a bank, any bank I’ll confess, we have too many bank accounts.  Our main chequing account is at one bank.  Our RESPs are at another.  My RRSPs through work are with one financial institution and my husband’s are with another.   It’s too many accounts!  I often see worse.  Many people I meet with…

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How to Get FREE Manufacturers Coupons

My last guest post (How I saved 70% off my grocery bill) received many comments in regards to how I was able to find so many high value coupons to reduce your grocery bill. This article details how I was able to receive these high value coupons. The savings of these coupons is quite high…

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QuickTax Platinum Download Review and Giveaway

With tax season ramping up, the online tax preparers are out in full force!  Last week, I reviewed the popular UFile, this week, it’s QuickTax Platinum, the download version (link).   QuickTax offered to giveaway 5 copies of QuickTax Platinum download version to Million Dollar Journey readers (value: $69.99 each). What’s the difference between the download…

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10 Ways to Save Money on a New Car

I know all the arguments for buying a used car. Most personal finance writers will tell you that buying a two year old car with low mileage is the best way to go. I agree with them but those two year old, low mileage, accident free vehicles are hard to find at a good price.…

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RRSP Contribution Deadline and Giveaway Reminder

RRSP Deadline and Contribution Limit A quick reminder that the RRSP deadline is fast approaching.  For tax year 2009, the last day to contribute is Monday March 1st, 2010.   Your RRSP contribution limit should be on last years Notice of Assessment (NOA) or 18% of your last years earned income up to a maximum contribution…

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Ignorant, Incompetent or Begrudging?

Around the time of the stock market lows in March 2009, an acquaintance, who is in his mid-fifties, was chatting about the economy in general and, unsurprisingly, touched upon the market downturn. He asked about my investments and I mentioned that (since I was invested solely in stock index funds) I had a paper loss…

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New Mortgage Rules for Canadians

Perhaps there is some truth to the Canadian housing bubble speculation as the Canadian government has made changes to the mortgage rules.  With interest rates at historic lows, home buyers are purchasing homes at a frantic pace.  Most with the smallest possible down payment and the longest possible amortization.  As you can imagine, a portion…

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