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Archive for January 2010

Rental Properties, New ETFs, Allowance and More!

How to properly evaluate income property @ Canadian Money Forum Six new ETFs from iShares @ Canadian Capitalist The Allowance Game @ Canadian Dream Personal Finance at Ridgemont High @ Four Pillars How to Benefit from Chaos in Your Life @ The Financial Blogger How risky is starting your own business? @ Thicken My Wallet…

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Common Myths about Stock Market Risk

“Slump? I ain’t in no slump. I just ain’t hitting.” – Yogi Berra How did you do with the 12 questions in stock market quiz? We have found that most investors have quite exaggerated views about stock market risks, especially after 2008. The bear market has created fear, much of which is completely unrealistic, based…

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Jan 2010 Net Worth Update (+4.43)

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey January 2010 Net Worth Update – New Beginnings Edition! If you recall, 2009 was a great year for net worth growth.  With stock markets and savings up for 2009, we managed to increase our net worth by 29%. What’s on the horizon for 2010?  I’m hoping for more of…

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Rethinking The Latte Factor®

The Automatic Millionaire, written by David Bach is one of my favourite books on personal finance. I highly recommend the Canadian edition. Bach is the founder of The Latte Factor®. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Those small indulgences add up over time. Just for fun and for purely research purposes I took a…

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How Risky is the Stock Market – The Quiz

“Half the lies they tell about me aren’t true.” – Yogi Berra We talk with people and read articles and books every day about investing, and are constantly shocked at how little most people know about the real risks and returns of the stock markets. The bear market of 2008 has only made the misconceptions…

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Claiming Extended Warranty with Your Credit Card

I am a big fan of credit card rewards programs, like cash back or travel, especially those with generous spending rewards coupled with a solid insurance package.  One such card that comes to mind is my favorite free card of all time, the MBNA SPG credit card.   This card gives a healthy 2-5% return…

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