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Archive for August 2009

August 2009 Net Worth Update (+1.70%)

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey August 2009 Net Worth Update. There’s not a lot to report this time as not a lot has happened in the month of August.  The markets continue to edge upward but we are closing in on the volatile September and October months.  Do you expect a significant market correction…

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Weekend Reading – August 28, 2009

Canadian Money Forum has a sticky post on excel based financial calculators (written by Cannon_Fodder) Canadian Capitalist discusses Rogers recent fee hike. Generation X Finance has some Moving tips. Intelligent Speculator explains why Why Apple (AAPL) will be almost impossible to stop Money Smart Life has tips on preventing college student identity theft. Four Pillars…

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Flipping Houses for Profit

I’ve mentioned before in a book review that I was, at one point, very interested in flipping houses for profit.  What do I mean by flipping houses?  It means to purchase houses that need cosmetic (or more) work selling for well under market value, upgrade them, and sell them for profit (hopefully) in a relatively…

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The Trouble with Reward Points

I love reward points. I collect PC (President’s Choice) points, Shopper’s Drug Mart Optimum Points and Airmiles. Recently even Sobey’s started offering points and I got one of their cards too! Shopper’s Drug Mart makes very little off of me, so much so that I’ve begun to question the ethics of points. Just last Saturday,…

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How Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds Work

A reader emailed me asking about my thoughts on Canada Savings Bonds. Basically, she has been withdrawing a portion of her paycheck every two weeks to purchase some CSB’s, but really doesn’t know how they work.   Most of the details can be obtained from the official CSB website, but I will dissect the info and…

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Lifestyle Inflation

As most of us progress through our careers (or business), our paychecks increase and as a result our lifestyle slowly (sometimes unknowingly) increases to match.  Bigger houses, newer cars, fancy restaurants, and new travel destinations are just a few of the common choices due to having more money. This is commonly called lifestyle inflation, basically…

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Weekend Reading – August 21, 2009

Canadian Money Forum has a discussion on whether risk is an uncertainty or probability? INO Stock Trading TV (free) has a new video on Cornelius Luca. One Year Ago I listed 4 Reasons Why Index Investing May Not Be for You. Canadian Capitalist asks why is the middle class feeling squeezed? Financial Highway explains the…

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How to Save Money on Travel

Most people don’t get a lot of time off and when they do, they tend not to go away. I always ask my friends and former co-workers why they this is and, almost uniformly, they always say it’s because they simply can’t afford to do so. Like most people, they see images of vacations on…

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