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Archive for April 2008

April 2008 Net Worth Update (+1.65%)

Another month has gone by already which means it's time to do a quick financial checkup. Lets start with the markets.  It seems that the markets have stabilized and even on an uptrend.  I'm not sure how long this is going to last, but I'm not too worried as most of my money is in…

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Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio – April 2008

Since the beginning of MDJ, I have talked about the Smith Manoeuvre. For those of you just joining us, The Smith Manoeuvre is a wealth strategy that utilizes a home equity loan to invest in income producing assets. The result is a tax deductible loan and portfolio that increases as you pay down your mortgage.…

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Financial Infidelity – The Leading Cause of Divorce?

I was doing my regular web money reading and came across an interesting article on MSN Money Central about marriage infidelity.  No, not that kind of infidelity, I'm talking about financial infidelity.  What is financial infidelity?  This is where one spouse in the relationship overspends without the other spouse knowing.  I can see this being…

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Weekend Reading – April 26, 2008

Here are some highlighted articles from The Money Writers over the past week. My Dollar Plan has updated their personal finance site rankings by RSS numbers.  MDJ has moved up to 14th spot!  If you like to subscribe to MDJ, you can subscribe via email or RSS here.  Brip Blap announces that he is the…

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Rates Cuts, New Look, and Other Links

The New Look  For the readers who visit the site often, you may have noticed that MDJ has gone through a face lift.  The goal of the new design is to have the same features as the old layout, but with a cleaner feel.  What do you think of the new look?  Have you noticed…

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Getting Organized for Tax Season

As the tax deadline is approaching, the procrastinators out there are scrambling to get their receipts in order to file their income taxes.  Yes, I am one of those procrastinators, but this year tax preparation has been easier than previous years. There have been years where my receipts were a mess and difficult to locate. …

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Ask the Readers: Giving Money as a Gift, How Much?

If you've ever given money as a gift, how much did you give?  This is a tricky question and probably something that not a lot of people talk about.  How much money is appropriate as a gift for various occasions?  For weddings, we typically give enough to cover the cost of our meal in addition…

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Frugal Recipe: Beef Stew

With the positive response from my last frugal chicken recipe, I will post another one of my favorite recipes.  Beef Stew is high in protein and flavour, low in fat and cost.  In addition, beef stew is usually cooked in bulk so that it will feed a large family and/or multiple meals. What you'll need:…

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