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Archive for February 2008

Best of Million Dollar Journey: Feb 2008

Time for another monthly summary on MDJ.  In this issue, we will go over the top 5 articles of Feb, the top commentator and winner of a copy of RRSP's.  Along with this, MDJ will be having it's first advertising special.  More details at the bottom of the post. Top 5 most viewed (or commented)…

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Feb 2008 Net Worth Update (+2.69%)

Time for another net worth update:  The Feb 2008 Edition! This was a very non eventful month where we are gearing up for the big move next month.  Most of the non-registered portfolios are cash right now which means very little growth on that side of things. On the RRSP side of things, I recovered…

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Determining our Life Insurance Needs I – Criteria

People generally don't like talking about death, especially planning for it.  I'm no exception, but with the new home and child coming, I'm looking into insurance more seriously.  Before, with both of us working and make comparable income, life insurance wasn't really a consideration because there weren't any financial dependents in the picture.  The only…

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8 Things to do Before Closing on a House

We are just about to close on our new house and we've come across many things that should be completed before closing. Here are 8 things to do before closing on a house:  Get your New Mortgage Ready.  After you've shopped around for the best rate, meet with your mortgage rep to sign off on…

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Weekend Reading – Feb 22, 2008

Time to share some great articles that I found over the week. The Financial Blogger has hosted the 140th Carnival of Personal Finance.  This issue was a bit more creative than usual as he used the "Prison Break" theme.  MDJ submitted a "best prisoners" (and controversial) article "Ask the Readers: Talking about Money". John Chow…

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Best and Worst Used Vehicles of 2007

With our cars being around 7 years old now, it will soon be time to look into the car market again.  This time around though, we won't be purchasing NEW vehicles as they depreciate 15% as soon as you drive it off the lot.  Why not buy a car that is 2-3 years old and…

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40 Year Mortgage – A Good Idea?

With the introduction of the 40 year mortgage in Canada, people who couldn't afford a home before can now own a home due to lower monthly payments.  For example, a $200,000 mortgage @ 6% over 25 years would cost approximately $1280 / month.  Over 40 years, the payments would be $1090, or a difference of…

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