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Archive for January 2008

Jan 2008 Net Worth Update (+1.04%)

Time for the first net worth update for 2008!  January was ANOTHER volatile month in the markets and my portfolio was hit hard.  Even though my non-registered portfolio is mostly cash right now (for the upcoming house and Smith Manoeuvre), my RRSP account took a beating. This month, I took the advice of the readers…

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Book Giveaway: Retire Rich from Real Estate

Sphinx Publishing and Dr. Marc Andersen have agreed to give away a copy of their book "Retire Rich from Real Estate" to a lucky reader of Million Dollar Journey.  Earlier, I wrote a glowing review of the real estate investing book.  Here is a snippet: ..Although the book is based on investing in the U.S,…

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Book Review: Retire Rich from Real Estate

Sphinx Publishing contacted and provided me with a free copy of the new book "Retire Rich from Real Estate" by Dr. Marc Andersen for review.  It came at the right time as I'm contemplating putting more of my money in hard real estate assets. Although the book is based on investing in the U.S, the…

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Prepaid Wireless Plan Comparison

For those of you who don't use a cell phone very often, or simply for emergencies, the prepaid wireless option that some providers offer can be the most cost effective solution.  There really isn't one provider that will suit everyone as they both market their products towards a specific group of people.  Some plans offer…

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Finding Passive/Alternative Income Streams

Even though this site is all about my million dollar net worth journey, I personally consider passive/alternative income to be more important. Why?  As I’ve mentioned before, I would consider myself financially free the day that I no longer need my 9-5 job to cover our expenses.  Imagine the day that you don’t “need” to…

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A Car that Runs on Air?

I was surfing around some popular articles around the web yesterday and came across an article about a new “air car” that I thought would be an interesting topic to share as it relates to potential big savings. What is the Air Car? It’s a car with brand new technology, developed in France, that will…

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