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Archive for January 2007

Festival of Frugality #59!

Check out the latest festival of frugality hosted by The Art of Money! For those of your who don’t know about these festival/carnivals, it’s where one blog hosts a bunch of top notch articles submitted from various blogs from around the web. The Art of Money did a fantastic job putting together all the submissions…

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Advertise Here – Proceeds go to Charity!

In my goals for 2007, I stated that I would like to increase my charitable giving. I’m a bit late in starting my charitable giving plan, but better late than never right? I have a plan to leverage to increase charitable giving. How? By selling links and donating the proceeds to charity! On the…

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Save Gas by Maximizing Mileage via Hypermiling!

As we all know, gas for your vehicle isn’t cheap and we all want to save gas! Between the 2 vehicles that my wife and I own, we spend about $300/month on gas! As expensive as it is, there are ways to maximize the gas mileage of your vehicle. Here are some tips, listed in…

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Passive Income Goals and Update

I know, I keep harping on passive income. Why? It’s because I believe that when my passive income exceeds my living expenses, I’ll consider myself financially free. Yes, that is a definition ripped straight from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad, but it makes sense to me. As stated as one of my goals for…

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Interview with Yours Truly!

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 has taken the time to interview the man behind Million Dollar Journey… me! Here is a sneak preview: CD: First off I have to ask about your goal to get to a million dollars. You state in your 2007 goals that you want to get a 12 to 15% rate…

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Saving Strategy: Go to the Library!

When I was young, I really didn’t enjoy reading. I’m not sure why that was the case, perhaps it was because I didn’t like school, and reading reminded me of school. :) As I get older, I am finding that I’m picking up books a lot more often than before. Nowadays, I’d prefer to pick…

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Canadian Personal Finance Blogs

There seem to be a quite a few postings regarding Canadian personal finance blogs going around. Here are a list of some personal finance blogs that I read regularly from around Canada (in no particular order). Canadian Capitalist General Canadian Personal Finance. Among the top personal finance blogs in Canada. Canadian Dream: Free at 45…

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John Chow – Internet Mogul!

I’m sure some of you readers know of John Chow of John Chow Dot Com. He started his blog back in December of 2005 and monetizing in September of 2006 with $0 in ad revenue. Fast forward 1 year and now his blog is among the top 1000 according to Technorati. On top of that,…

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