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For the readers that signed up for INO Stock Trading TV a while back and haven’t logged into their accounts, they have updated their videos once again.  Now they include a regularly updated video about current market conditions.  If you haven’t already, you can sign up here to view the videos (free).

Weekend Reading

A member of Canadian Money Forum has posted a great analysis of the TD Simply Save Program.

Financial Highway has some fathers day gift ideas.

Five Cent Nickel has a great article on the benefits of homemade household cleaners.

Canadian Capitalist writes about the problem with leverage.

The Digerati Life has an article comparing Detroit real estate to a parking spot in Boston!

Four Pillars has an interesting article on Freegans.

Lazy Man and Money has some tips on how to save money on groceries.

Thicken My Wallet asks if stocks are still a good investment.

Sun’s Financial Diary gives us a house and job update.

Canadian Dream lists how not to use the air conditioner.

Brip Blap reviews the 4 hour workweek.

The MoneyGardener answers the question “how much can we afford (in housing)?”

Money Smart Life has some travel tips.

Michael James on Money tells us that CRA no longer taxes loyalty programs.

My Dollar Plan lists money by the numbers.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog tells us that Canadians are charitable.

Generation X Finance explains how to do a mid year financial checkup.

Where Does All My Money Go writes about single inverse ETFs.

Frugal Dad has a great story in The Path to Contentment.

Financial Blogger asks what job would you take if you were a millionaire?

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