Hopefully you got some shopping completed over the weekend.  Stay tuned for an article this week on how to save money during the holiday season.  In the mean time, sit back and enjoy some personal finance reads below.

Money Smart Life lists 10 steps to a salary increase.

Frugal Dad has a great piece on the Household Uses For Vinegar, The Ultimate Frugal Solution.

The Digerati Life gives us a great list of Resume Writing Tips: Stand Out From The Job Hunting Crowd.

Lazy Man and Money asks More Bailouts… Are You Still Angry?

The Sun’s Financial Diary tell us that American Households Lost $2.8 Trillion in Net Worth Last Quarter – Chart of The Day.

Generation X Finance says to Prepare for an Increase in Mutual Fund Expense Ratios.

Brip Blap asks what motivates you more: frugality or decluttering?

My Dollar Plan lists 10 Amazing Frugal Gift Ideas Under $20.

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  1. http://resourcesandmoney.blogspot.com on December 14, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Ooppss.. Most of the readings are about the economic crisis’ effect to people. I’m glad i don’t leave in America. Our country is currently stable.

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