Robert Kiyosaki is at it again with another book titled Rich Brother Rich SisterTwo Different Paths to God, Money and Happiness.  Did you know that Mr. Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has been on the New York Best Sellers list for the past 7 years?  I’m one of the many who have read Rich Dad Poor Dad and although it doesn’t explain a lot about “how” to get rich, it does have a lot of value in explaining how rich people think.

About the Authors

Rich Brother Rich Sister is written by two people, Robert Kiyosaki and his sister Emi Kiyosaki.  Most of us know who Robert Kiyosaki is.  He is the author of international best seller of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books along with being a real estate investor.  However, who is Emi Kiyosaki?  Emi took an entirely different path than Robert.  While Mr. Kiyosaki took the path of financial greatness, Emi followed a spiritual path and was ordained (by the Dalai Lama) as a Buddhist nun.

What is Rich Brother Rich Sister about?

This book is a little different than Robert Kiyosaki’s other books where Rich Brother Rich Sister is more of a biography and personal development guide than a “financial book”.  It contains many life lessons that I think that we can all learn from.

It starts off with what Robert and Emi Kiyosaki were like as children and how they grew up during World War II.  The story evolves into how they both went on their own separate paths and the struggles that they went through to get to where they are today.  Each chapter contains perspectives from both Robert and his sister.

What I found refreshing was that both authors humbly admit their faults and what they have learned from them.  For example, with Robert, he admitted to having a dark side along with being discharged from the U.S Army.  Emi, she went through many struggles in life (both financial and health) which mainly stem from her trying to find her path in life.

For those of you who have already read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or the “Cash Flow Quadrant“, this book helps put depth into what Robert Kiyosaki preaches and why he believes so strongly in what he does.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve questioned if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  This book helps answer that question in describing how two siblings found their path to a fulfilling life and their lessons on how they both got there.

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Sign me up.

Anything written by Kiyosaki typically turns me off, but his sister sounds pretty interesting. I’m in.

I read the Rich Dad book and while it isn’t a book I recommend to friends who want to learn about finances, anytime I read a book I do tend to learn something.

Pick me pick me!!!!

I’m intrigued, and want to know more about Emi.

Sounds like it would be an interesting read; two siblings “enriching” their lives in different ways.

I love a free book! Pick me!

Count me in!



Kiyosaki’s columns on Yahoo Finance are nice and topical too.

I’d like to add this to my collection of rich dad books.

Sounds like a fascinating read!

I wish I would as rich as my sisters too, after reading this book!

Sounds like an interesting read!

Looks interesting!

Rich Dad is a great series, I would love to add it to my collection.


Braiden Harvey

I have always wanted to try the board game.

I’m always up for a good read

Seems like a nice read. Please count me in.

I’m in…

seems like an interesting read – I am happy to read free books.

My goal this year is to educate myself by increasing the number of good books I read each month…this one will be on that list.

I did enjoy reading the the Rich Dad series books. Especially the original book. I learn better when I read stories and life experiences and Robert does a really good job in writing all of that. I think his main message from most of his books is that, if you want to get rich, you should build a business and start investing. Sometimes I feel that the message is the same for all his books. Same message, different words. I hope this one brings something fresh.

But he’s good at selling, because I am going to buy it anyways.. If I don’t win it.


sounds like a good book to read!

I don’t want the book, because Kiyosaki is a hack. I’m interested if the stories told in this one (I assume his sister can keep him honest) match up with the ‘stories’ he tells in his other novels.

I have appreciated the insites of how “successful” people think and would enjoy reading about the events and history that helped to shape such a gifted man.

Free book sounds good to me!!

Here is for the opportunity to own my first finance related book.

Thanks for the opportunity! Sounds like an interesting book.

I find Mr. Kiyosaki very interesting and I would love to read more of him and to find out more of his sister. It’s amazing how he took the road to money wealth and his sister took the road to spiritual wealth. Please count me in to win this interesting, alluring book.

I like ‘Rich Dad..’ because of the fundamental financial principals explained in a very simple language…hoping that this book has something more to it.

count me in.

I liked the Rich Dad books (you just have to take it with a grain of salt) so I guess this one is worth a read.

Thanks for the opportunity, it looks like it would be a great book to win!

do you know when they will edit “rich grand son” ? hehehe

I’m amazed that people love the Rich Dad series.

It’s all hype. It’s all ‘rah,rah rah.’

There’s no substance; it’s all inspirational.


I am interested!

So Kiyosaki has a sister who’s a nun? Really? Man what a convenient life… first the guy has the perfect set of “fathers” and now it’s like his family is just popping in all of the right directions too. I’m just waiting for “Rich Dad, Richer Kid” (OK, I’m claiming the copyright on that right now :)

For anyone who hasn’t read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, it’s definitely a “library rental”. It’s really sad to me that it has been a best seller for so long.

Look, people don’t want to be “rich”, they want to be “financially independent”. People don’t want to “retire”, they want to be “financially independent” so they don’t have work any more (or as much). We don’t want “money”, we want the quality of life that money brings.

For a more lucid and practical book about this concept, see “Killing Sacred Cows”.

Looks like an interesting read. Sign me up as well.

Thanks for the review

Look forward to reading this

Is Obama the secret word?

sign me up and keep up the good work!

Probably a good book …i’ve enjoyed his other ones.

I’m looking forward to a book that sounds inspiring but leaves you just as confused as before you picked it up. Lots of interesting concepts but no meat on the bones.

pick me please. God bless Obama.

I’m in!

I’m in!

I’m intrigued, and want to know more about Emi.

also in for a free copy!

I am curious about the ‘rich sister’ s philosophy..!

I would love to read the book, thanks!