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A reader wrote me the other day to ask why I don't write more about real estate.  I thought for a little bit about this question, and the answer is that I really don't know.  Perhaps my real estate drive has decreased over the years?  Have bad tenants jaded me so much as to turn my back on this money making strategy? I've actually had a few bad experiences with tenants that have resulted in going all the way to court.  But that post is for another day.

As you can see from my last real estate post on How to Choose your Tenants, I'm starting to get back in real estate investing gear.  Timely as it may be, contacted me recently to do a paid review of their resource based real estate investment site and blog.  Here is what I came up with after reviewing the information that provides.

What is About?

  • Investment Property Info is a resource based site for new (even experienced) real estate investors.  It provides details like how to analyze the value of a property, leverage, negotiating, and styles of investing.
  • The site is US based, but most of the information that they provide is applicable to Canadian real estate investors.
  • The associated blog is updated on an occasional basis at best, but does have some interesting tidbits of information for the US real estate investor or home buyer.

What I liked

  • I like this site as it is a free resource based site and it's not trying to sell anything.
  • I found the article "Analyzing the Value of Property" to be particularly useful.  The article goes into various methods of valuation which include formulas for capitalization rate, true property value, gross rent multiplier, and house P/E ratio.
  • Another article that I enjoyed was "The Type of Property You Buy".  This article basically points out some key tips when considering different types of properties.  For example, if you're considering purchasing a condo for investment purposes, make sure to account for the monthly condo fees in your cash flow calculations.
  • For those of you reading from the U.S, they have a handy "Real Estate Internet Research" article that details various websites that specialize in home prices, rental comparisons, cost of living calculators and taxation issues.

What needs Improvement

  • As a real estate authority site, I would have like to have seen more real life scenarios and examples in the articles.
  • The associated blog needs to be updated more often.


  • I have bookmarked InvestmentPropertyInfo in my browser and will be returning to the site often to go over the articles that they have listed.  I have no problem recommending the site as it is a free resource for the new real estate investor with no hidden agenda.

If you're interested in real estate investing, then you should check out InvestmentPropertyInfo.

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The Financial Blogger
13 years ago

This site seems very interesting. Even though I know that selecting tenants may be crucial (and be careful with the discrimination part as we read the reaction over your previous post!). If you have bad tenants, your investment dream become a real nightmare. Nevertheless, I am still interesting in rental properties.

Do you still have yours?