Prime – 0.25% for MDJ Readers and Weekend Links

Discounted Variable Rates are Back!

Once upon a time, discounted variable rate mortgages were the norm. However, the credit crisis in 2008 changed all that, and actually pushed variable rates well above prime rate.

With the economy starting to come around (supposedly), and global credit easing, variable rate mortgages are getting cheaper again.  Just recently, the big banks started offering variable rates at prime which is a great improvement over the prime + 1% they were offering at the peak of the crisis.

However, you probably aren’t satisfied with paying prime on your mortgage, you want a discount off prime.  Until now, that hasn’t been possible.

Our friends and blogger colleagues at Canadian Mortgage Trends have a special offer exclusively for Million Dollar Journey readers.  They are offering a variable rate mortgage at Prime – 0.25%!


*  Canada’s lowest variable rate (as far as we know!)
*  From the country’s most reputable lenders
*  15-20% lump-sum pre-payment options
*  Optionally increase payments up 15-100%
*  Lock into a discounted fixed rate at any time without cost
*  Available readvanceable line of credit (80% LTV maximum)

This is a limited time offer which expires November 1, 2009.  If you are in the market for a mortgage, you can read about the details here.

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Canadian Mortgage
11 years ago

Hi Luc: The prime – 0.25% promotion is something that only we ( are running at the moment. It is not offered through other Mortgage Architects planners.

Hi Peter: Unless it was an ultra-short-term teaser rate (i.e. the regular rate reset higher after x months), then prime – 1% (1.25%) is a huge money-loser given the cost of variable-rate mortgage funds. Perhaps the broker made a mistake.


Peter B
11 years ago

Hi FT,

No don’t know who the lender is but the mortgage broker is Dominion Lending.



Peter B
12 years ago

I was recently offered prime minus 1% which floored me by a mortgage broker. Unfortunately the prices here in Vancouver are still out of reach with a baby on the way early February.


12 years ago

Thanks for sharing my article, FT. Have a great weekend! I like Canadian Capitalist’s tip. Good one.

Ms Save Money
12 years ago

Interesting read “How Much Does Raising A Child Cost?”

This is why I signed up with ING Direct
12 years ago

this looks like a really good offer

12 years ago

MyVirtualMortgageBroker is affiliated with the Mortgage Architects group, so wouldn’t any of their brokers be able to offer the same rate?

Big Cajun Man
12 years ago

Thanks for the mention!

Canadian Capitalist
12 years ago

Thanks for the mention FT!

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog
12 years ago

Thanks for the mention, have a good weekend!