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Maxed out RRSP and TFSA – Now What?

By FT | April 8, 2019 |
maxed out rrsp and tfsa now what

I received an email from a reader with a bright financial future. She has both her RRSP and TFSA maxed out and wondering what to do next. First of all, thank you for sharing your wisdom and financial journey. I love reading your blog and I learn so much from it! I was wondering if…

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The Financial Freedom Crossover Point – The Ultimate FIRE Indicator?

By FT | April 1, 2019 |
financial freedom crossover point

In my last financial freedom update, I briefly mentioned the concept of the crossover point.  It’s a fairly simple, but motivating, concept that shows the point at which your passive income grows enough to meet (or just about exceed) your recurring monthly/annual expenses.  In essence, it’s the point where you reach financial independence or FIRE…

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Financial Freedom Update (Q1) – March 2019 ($48,200 in Dividend Income)!

By FT | March 25, 2019 |

Welcome to the Million Dollar Journey March 2019 (Q1) Financial Freedom Update – the first update of 2019!  If you would like to follow my latest financial journey, you can get my updates sent directly to your email, via Twitter or Facebook, and/or you can sign up for the monthly Million Dollar Journey Newsletter. For those of you new here, since achieving…

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Vanguard VEQT All-in-One 100% Equity Portfolio ETF

By FT | March 18, 2019 |

In recent weeks, I’ve been writing about how it’s getting easier and cheaper to build a solid globally diversified portfolio using all-in-one ETFs. For example, if you have long time frame until retirement, rather than buying multiple ETFs/mutual funds for equities and bonds, or a balanced fund that charges 2%, you can now buy a…

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Dividend Increases, New All-in-One ETFs, Top Ranked Credit Cards, and More!

By FT | February 25, 2019 |

For dividend investors out there, there have been some solid dividend increases to start off the year. I usually update the increases during my quarterly passive income update, but I’m too excited to wait! Here are some of the increases to Canadian dividend stocks including their percentage increase: Canadian Utilities (CU.TO) 7.5% increase – 47th…

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The Mini-Split Heat Pump Experiment – Will it Save You Money?

By FT | February 18, 2019 |

Way back in 2008, we completed a custom home that we still live in today.  In that same year, I wrote a post about my regrets of not going with a heat pump to save money on energy bills.  I’m not sure if you use electric heat where you are from, but if you do,…

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Hosting Homestay Students – The Perfect Side Hustle?

By FT | February 11, 2019 |

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash This is a post by Chrissy who guest posted here a couple years ago about going for financial freedom in a high-cost city.  She has since started her own blog, Eat Sleep Breath FI, that details her journey towards financial freedom.  Chrissy is back with another guest post about…

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Modifying Your Asset Allocation When Using All-in-One ETFs

By FT | February 4, 2019 |

Last week, I compared two heavy hitters in the all-in-one ETF marketplace – iShares vs Vanguard. Here is a quick backgrounder from the article that summarizes these convenient investment products: Many of you know how much I appreciate and recommend the Vanguard all-in-one ETFs. What I like most about them is that in a single…

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