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5 Useful Retirement Calculators (2019) – How Much Do You Need to Retire?

By FT | June 2, 2019 |

This popular article was originally written in 2017, but since then, a couple of the calculators have gone offline.  I have updated this article with a couple of new additions.  Enjoy! A reader recently asked me if she had saved enough for retirement.  While it seems like a challenging question to answer, it can be roughly…

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The Real MER on ETFs – Foreign Withholding Taxes on ETFs

By FT | May 27, 2019 |
withholding taxes on ETFs

I’ve written a lot about index investing as one of the best strategies for beginner and experienced investors alike.  It’s a strategy that I follow with a large portion of my portfolio to get ex-Canada (outside Canada) diversification (I use dividend investing for my Canadian exposure).  Not only do I use this strategy in my…

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Financial Independence (FI) – It’s All About ‘Why’, Not ‘How’

By FT | May 21, 2019 |

This is a post by Chrissy, who has guest posted here recently about hosting homestay students as a side hustle.  Her blog, Eat Sleep Breath FI, details her journey towards financial freedom.  In this article, Chrissy describes a fundamental way to get excited and motivated about FI that has worked for her and her family.  Here are…

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Ways to Maximize the Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

By FT | May 13, 2019 |
maximize child canada benefit

After filing my income tax return in mid-April (yes, I tend to procrastinate), I noticed on the bottom of the screen the amount that we will receive for the Canada Child Benefit.  While we’ve been receiving this benefit since the Trudeau administration has been in power (2016), what really got me thinking is that we’ll…

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Dogs of the TSX (Beating the TSX) Dividend Stock Picks – 2019 Edition

By FT | May 6, 2019 |
dog of the tsx dividend stock picks 2019

Over the past number of years, I’ve been writing and including updates on the outperforming Dogs of the TSX also known as the Beating the TSX dividend stock strategy (BTTSX). At a high level, in this strategy, the largest publicly traded companies in Canada (TSX 60) are sorted by dividend yield, then the top 10 positions…

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What Happens to your RRSP and TFSA after you Die?

By FT | April 29, 2019 |
what happens to your RRSP and TFSA when you die

Last week, I wrote about the most efficient way to withdraw from your accounts during retirement.  Within the article, I mentioned that while the general rule of thumb is to keep your RRSP as long as possible, there are some situations where drawing down on your RRSP first makes the most sense. This is particularly…

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How I Plan to Withdraw from my RRSP/TFSA to Fund Early Retirement

By FT | April 22, 2019 |
withdrawing from retirement accounts

I’ve been writing about money on MDJ for a long time – a very long time.  During this tenure, most of my pieces have been about the accumulation of money and wealth. Articles like: ways to save money how to pay off debt how to track your net worth completing the million dollar journey financial…

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Exclusive Dividend Newsletter Promotion, Tim Hortons Rewards, and the Risks of Joint Bank Accounts!

By FT | April 15, 2019 |

Dividend Stocks Rock Exclusive MDJ Promotion (sponsored) I mentioned this exclusive promo in a recent MDJ newsletter blast but I’ll share it here for readers not subscribed to the newsletter. I get a number of questions about which dividend stocks to buy and which sources I use for research. While I tend to read a…

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