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More AGLOCO Information

By FT | January 14, 2007 |

Matt at MyBlogathon has inspired me to check on my AGLOCO account for updates. Low and behold, AGLOCO has showed us how the toolbar is going to look when we have it turned on. Check out the image below: The AGLOCO Viewbar is MUCH more discreet than I expected it to be. If you guys…

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Google offers.. FREE Real-Time Stock Quotes!

By FT | January 13, 2007 |

For you investors and traders out there, you know that the ONLY place to get real-time quotes is with the brokerage that you trade with. This is something that agitates me to no end. Those free 20-min delayed quotes and charts are just too slow. For me anyways. But never fret my friends, Google to…

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I’ve Been Tagged! – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

By FT | January 12, 2007 |

Nick Gifford over at “Bring the Cash Flow” has tagged me! What is this tagging you ask? It’s basically a game going around the personal finance blog world that when tagged, the blogger has to tell 5 things about themselves unknown to others. Once the list is complete, I get to tag a few bloggers…

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Carnival of Personal Finance: 82nd Edition

By FT | January 10, 2007 |

Are you guys familiar with the Carnival of Personal Finance? I’m fairly new to this also, but it’s basically a compilation of quality articles written by various personal finance blogs around the net. This edition of the carnival was hosted by J.D at the Get Rich Slowly blog and he was gracious enough to include…

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January 2007 Net Worth Update (+4.43%)

By FT | January 9, 2007 |

It’s time for the January 2007 net worth update! This time around, I decided to include my wifes pension account as it would more accurately represent our net worth. Assets Cash: $4500 (this fluctuates) Savings: $26000 Registered Investment Account: $33800 Pension: $16000 Non-Registered Investment Account: $40700 Real Estate: $ 266500 (2 properties) Vehicles: $18000 (2…

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Increasing Passive Income Online – With myLot

By FT | January 7, 2007 |

As stated in my financial goals for 2007 post, one of my goals is to increase my passive income. Thus far, our only solid passive income has been from our rental property ($250/month cashflow). My goal for the year is to increase our monthly passive income to at least $500/month hopefully by increasing our online…

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Saving Strategy: Brown Bag Your Lunch!

By FT | January 5, 2007 |

I’d like to talk about a savings strategy that I use that saves me around $1300 / year (or more for some people). This simple strategy that a lot of people don’t use is brown bagging your lunch! If buying lunch everyday costs $8/day compared with a brown bagged lunch which costs me around $3/day,…

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