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EQ Bank Review 2020 – Canada’s Best Online Savings Account?

By Kornel | December 30, 2019 |
eq bank review 2020

After becoming a client when they first launched over three years ago, I thought it was about time to pen the authoritative EQ Bank Review for Canadians to compare to their traditional branch banking services. I was even part of their early-access group before their popular EQ high interest EQ Bank Savings Plus Account was available…

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Dividend Investing, Decade in Review, Women and Money, Balanced Portfolios and More!

By FT | December 23, 2019 |

Sponsored RBC InvestEase is a robo-advisory service that is very competitive in the Canadian market place.  Not too long ago, I mentioned that they launched an educational initiative by building a database of articles that they continue to build upon. Here are some to check out: TFSA vs RRSP What is a Robo-Advisor? Investing for…

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Questwealth Portfolios: A Robo Advisor by Questrade

By Kyle Prevost | December 16, 2019 |
A Robo Advisor by Questrade

  The short answer is yes, Questrade having a robo advisor is nothing new.   However, the old robo, Questrade’s Portfolio IQ, has been replaced by their new product: Questwealth Portfolios. So, what does Questwealth Portfolios have to offer and how does it stack up to other robo advisors in Canada? Keep reading to find…

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All-in-One ETFs Battle: Vanguard vs iShares vs BMO

By FT | December 8, 2019 |

  (Updated in December, 2019 by Kyle Prevost) Vanguard was the first company to jump into Canadian all-in-one ETFs back in 2018.  It should come as no surprise that that the historical leader in low-cost investments was the first to roll out this superstar product.  With their Vanguard Conservative Income ETF Portfolio (VCIP), Vanguard Conservative…

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Fixed Income Faceoff: Bond ETFs vs GICs vs High Interest Savings Accounts

By Kornel | December 2, 2019 |
Bond ETFs vs GICs vs High Interest Savings Accounts

For income-oriented Canadian investors the choice between a Bond ETF and a GIC or high interest savings account has become more important than ever.  With interest rates at historic lows (and not looking up any time soon) picking the best option for the “safe” part of our portfolio can make a substantial difference to the…

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Introducing new MDJ Team Members and Weekly Money Links

By FT | November 25, 2019 |

New MDJ Team Members If you’ve noticed a new “face” around the Million Dollar Journey office the past couple of weeks it’s because I’ve decided to bring on a little help. I’ve asked Kyle Prevost and Kornel Szweiber to come on board. As two young-ish Canadians who share my values about reaching financial independence sooner…

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Canada’s #1 Questrade Review 2020 [$50 Promo Offer Code]

By FT | November 21, 2019 |

Edited in November 2019 by FT with help from our newest author Kyle Prevost. To skip the review and go straight to the $50 Questrade trading credit offer code, click here. In the last 11 years, we’ve seen an explosion in online broker competition, but for my money (literally) Questrade is still the best Canadian…

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Wealthsimple Review 2020 – Robo Advisor & Wealthsimple Trade [UNIQUE PROMO]

By FT | November 18, 2019 |

Now that Wealthsimple Trade has launched, and the robo advisor service has gotten so popular, I figured that it was time to take a serious look at the service.  If you’re the TLDR type, then this Wealthsimple review might be a bit lengthy for your tastes.  Feel free to navigate using our table of contents…

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