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Christmas Spending?

By FT | December 26, 2006 |

It’s the time of the year where people tend to overspend on gifts. Although I am frugal, I tend to enjoy giving and typically overspend as a result. It also seems that as our incomes increase, the bigger the gifts we give. This year though, I tried a few things to reduce Christmas spending. I…

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Goals for the New Year (2007)!

By FT | December 24, 2006 |

With 2007 fast approaching, it is soon time to discuss and plan out my goals for the new year. I’ve never been one to set goals at a beginning of the year but maybe I will start now. Here are my goals for 2007: Goal #1: Increase our passive income to at least $500/month. Right…

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AGLOCO: Own the Internet – Get Paid to Surf the Web!

By FT | December 22, 2006 |

One of my goals is to increase our passive income to the point where it’s enough to pay all of our mandatory bills like our monthly expenses. That is the true definition of wealth isn’t it? To have enough income so that you have a CHOICE to work or not. I plan on getting to…

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What if…. You won the lottery? What would you do?

By FT | December 21, 2006 |

Driving home from work today I passed by a billboard with the Super 7 Jackpot advertised. $30 million dollars it displayed.. and the image repeated over and over again in my head until I arrived home. I remember seeing somewhere that nearly 1/3rd of all big lottery winners go bankrupt within 5 years. I guess…

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Deal of the Week! Air Canada Unlimited Flights!

By FT | December 20, 2006 |

If you didn't know already, I am ALL about the deals and bargains. There is a deal that I noticed on RedFlagDeals.com that I won't have time to take advantage of but still a great deal none the less. Air Canada is offering unlimited flights from Jan 7 to March 6, 2007 for a low…

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MBNA SPG (Starwood) Credit Card Review

By FT | December 19, 2006 |

Update: This card has been discontinued, you can check out my other favorite cash back credit cards. Do you use a rewards based credit card for the points? I know I do. Have you ever wondered which credit card gives you the best bang for your buck? That’s one thing that I always look for,…

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Investment Plan – Long and Short Term

By FT | December 17, 2006 |

As I mentioned before, I started investing in Mutual funds when I was in high school. I didn’t know a lot about them at the time, or even how they really worked, but I bought them because my Dad said it would be good for my future. Fast forward a few years (or 10), now…

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How did we get here?

By FT | December 10, 2006 |

So it’s 2003, we were 23 years old and we just received our University degrees. My girlfriend (now wife) and I had about $40k in student loan debt, a brand new $25k car loan (shiver), and a brand new $100k mortgage to boot. In addition, I was planning on buying an engagement ring in the…

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