More Weekend Reading – June 28, 2008

Some great articles by The Money Writers this week:

The Digerati Life has written another great article that explains the ups and downs of the stock market in “A Stock Market Reality Check: What Investment Risk Actually Looks Like.” It shows that historically, down periods are followed by much higher markets.

My Dollar Plan lists 11 Fun & Frugal Summertime Activities.

Lazy Man and Money asks “Are Your Resources Swallowed Up By Parkinson’s Law?” I truly believe in Parkinson’s Law as I am most productive when there is a tight deadline.

The Sun’s Financial Diary reviews a U.S based discount brokerage in his article “TradeKing Review: A Discount Broker with Loads of Features.”

Brip Blap shows us how to be a location independent family, part 1.

Money Smart Life has written about a popular topic these days.. how to save on gasoline! For some great tips check out his article “Save Money on Gas – Small, Easy Gas Saving Tips Take a Big Bite Out of High Gas Prices.”

Generation X Finance gives us A Reminder to Keep Your Beneficiaries Up-to-Date.

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13 years ago

I read the book “The Big Time”. It is about the Harvard graduating class of ’49. These are the guys we always wonder about – JNJ CEO, Xerox CEO, Sheraton Hotels President, etc. They took the helm of influencial companies we all buy stocks about. It talks about the thoughts of these great guys. For example – unions, addicted to automatic cost-of-living raises but disaddicted to productivity, were stupidly and shortsightedly bleeding industry dry. My thought, should we talk about “Ask not how much the industry can pay you, ask what we can contribute to the industry?”

For FT, it is noted in the book that 25% of the Harvard 49er were worth 1MM in 25 years.