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More Weekend Reading – June 14, 2008

Some highlighted articles from The Money Writers this week:

Lazy Man and Money asks Have You Decided To Be Rich?.

The Digerati Life has written about how some Japanese housewives have turned to day trading to cure their boredom in the article “Making Money Through Day Trading: The Secret Lives of Stay-At-Home Mommy Speculators.”

Generation X Finance teaches us How to Get the Most for Your Home When it is Time to Sell by Making a Good Impression.

The Sun’s Financial Diary gives us the Mutual Fund Basics: How to Use Morningstar to Research Funds.

Money Smart Life shows us how to Save Money When Buying a Diamond Ring & Avoid Going into Jewelry Debt.

Brip Blap has a great article “associating with the ‘appear-to-be-rich’ folks,” about those who pretend to be wealthy and those are really are.

My Dollar Plan explains how they sold their car for top dollar in the article “We Sold My Car! What Worked and What Didn’t.”

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