Matt at MyBlogathon has inspired me to check on my AGLOCO account for updates. Low and behold, AGLOCO has showed us how the toolbar is going to look when we have it turned on. Check out the image below:

The AGLOCO Viewbar is MUCH more discreet than I expected it to be. If you guys remember AllAdvantage, this Viewbar is minuscule in comparison.

For those still concerned with spyware, here is a quote from AGLOCO:

The Viewbar™ keeps track of your online interests and preferences, and uses that information to deliver the most valuable message to you at the right time. Because privacy is a core principle of AGLOCO, the Viewbar™ communicates with our secure servers in an encrypted fashion to keep your information private. Some people have asked: “Is the Viewbar™ some kind of ‘spyware’?” The answer is simple: The Viewbar™ is the opposite of spyware. Spyware sneaks onto your computer without your knowledge or permission, it steals your private information, and it’s nearly impossible to remove. Unlike spyware, the Viewbar™ is completely permission based, it keeps your information private, and you can always turn it off with a single click.

Here is some more info regarding the AGLOCO Viewbar:

NOTE: The AGLOCO Viewbar™ is currently in limited beta testing and is not yet available for download. We expect that it will start to be available to download in several weeks. It will be released to Members in the order in which Members signed up. No testers are receiving any earnings while using the Viewbar™ in this testing phase. For now, we ask you to build the community, because both you and AGLOCO make more if you grow the community.

The Viewbar™ also has many additional features:

  • Search (which lets us get you money from search engine companies)
  • Contextual ads (which lets us get you money from advertisers)
  • Anti-fraud and other software utilities (which lets us get you money from software companies)

That’s all for now. When I last reported on AGLOCO, we had 49 referrals, as of today, we’re up to 67 referrals. It doesn’t take much to build your network, just tell all your friends and get them to spread the word. It’s an easy sell and it’s free. If you haven’t started your network yet, start now by clicking here.

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  1. […] 4. AGLOCO Income: Unknown for the time being. Last time I reported, I had 67 referrals (Jan 14th), as of today I have 140 referrals and growing! My referrals are building their networks quicker than I anticipated. I am hoping that when the Viewbar is released that cheques for $50/month or more will start flowing in. If you haven’t started your AGLOCO referral network yet, you can start here (it’s free). […]

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