Have you ever lost your wallet or purse? If not, have you ever imagined what you would do if you did?

So it’s Friday afternoon and I’m lined up (with my family) to get the H1N1 vaccine for the toddler. After the 5.5 hour wait (yes hours), I decided to drop my family off at home and run a few banking errands at the nearest BMO branch. After making the various bank transactions, I headed home to settle away for the night.

The next morning, I decide to do some online banking so I instinctively head to the counter top where I always leave my wallet upon entering the house. However this time, it’s no where to be seen.

“No worries, it’s around the house somewhere” I said to myself.

With that, I went to the possible wallet locations such as my jacket, office, laundry and even searched through the kids toys. Still no where to be found. As I knew that I used my wallet the evening before, there were very few options as to where it could be.

I’d like to say that I’m a positive person, but a feeling of panic started to well up in the pit of my stomach. I started to assume the worse. What did I have in the wallet? Who do I need to call to cancel all my credit and debit cards? Which bills use automatic payment via credit card? What about my prepaid mastercard? ID’s, MCP and cash!

While in the midst of my melt down, the phone rings and it’s the police! Luckily, an honest person found my wallet on the ground outside the BMO branch and brought it to the police station after they couldn’t get in touch with me via phone. When I went to pick it up, I was thankfully given the contact information of the samaritan which I used to offer a small reward as a token of my appreciation.

Although my missing wallet situation worked out, what if I wasn’t so lucky? Here are some ways you can mitigate the catastrophe in the case of losing your wallet/purse:

  1. Keep non essential cards out of the wallet/purse – For example, if there are credit cards or bank cards that you don’t use often, or even store cards that are seldom used, keep them at home.  I am an air miles collector, but I keep my air miles number in my cell phone but the physical card at home.
  2. Record all essential information – Credit/bank card numbers, expiry dates and customer support numbers. Keep it all recorded and in a safe place.
  3. Use a Service – There are services out there that keep all your card numbers in once place and make the cancellation/renewal phone calls for you.  However, this service can be replaced by simply keeping track of all your information yourself.

Back to the original question, have you lost your wallet or purse before?

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