Canadian Dream: Free at 45 has taken the time to interview the man behind Million Dollar Journey… me!

Here is a sneak preview:

CD: First off I have to ask about your goal to get to a million dollars. You state in your 2007 goals that you want to get a 12 to 15% rate of return in 2007. Based on the fact that the average stock market rate of return is 10%, do you think can really beat the average for the next 8 years to make your goal at 35?

FT: Bold statements, I know. Most people say that it’s a fool’s dream to try and beat the market every year. However, you have to think big in order to achieve big. Looking forward, I think that 12-15% return on my savings is achievable through a combination of my stock and real estate portfolio….

If you are interested in finding out a few more tidbits about me, you can read the whole interview here.

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