How much can I make with AGLOCO?” is one of the top questions I receive from my readers. I don’t have a definite answer, but there is a popular AGLOCO website, The Simmons Report, that has done a thorough analysis of AGLOCO and has made some predictions on potential income.

Out of the long report, here are some of the conclusions:

  • A user who has no referrals should receive ownership in AGLOCO worth on average about $150. (plus monthly cash distributions)
  • The average value of an AGLOCO user’s referral network should be $30 each in ownership shares plus the referrer’s share of monthly cash distribution.
  • The average AGLOCO direct referral should be worth in excess of $3,000 each (see example below for details).
  • The analysis also shows a range of monthly cash distributions of between $5 and $15 a month per user.
  • The AGLOCO business model looks theoretically sound – (assuming they get to a decent size quickly – at least 500,000 users within nine months to a year)

John Chow predicts that the cash distributions will be similar to the old AllAdvantage system where they paid around $0.30-$0.50/referral/month. So if you have 100 people in your network, you will probably make around $30-$50/month from referrals. Note that these distributions do NOT include the ownership shares that AGLOCO will offer.

Providing that John Chow and the Simmons Report are fairly accurate in their predictions, my 180 referrals thus far can bring in around: 180 x $0.30 = $54 + $5 (my surf time) = $59/month of passive income . On top of that, $30/referral + $150 = $5500 worth in ownership shares. I’m a little skeptical on the ownership side of things, but I see no reason why the monthly cash flow shouldn’t come through.

The AGLOCO Viewbar should be available in about 4-6 weeks and I am personally excited about its launch. But then again, I always get excited about the potential to make some extra cash. If you haven’t started your network yet, you can start by joining here. You can find more information regarding AGLOCO through this article that I wrote a little while back.


  1. canadian dollars on February 2, 2007 at 11:01 am

    call me old fashioned but I like making my money through stocks and investments. i’ve tried all advantage and some of those things in the past and a few of them didn’t come through paying me so I got annoyed and it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth since. But hey, all the power to you if it works for you!! :)

  2. FrugalTrader on February 2, 2007 at 11:09 am

    Hey CD,

    LOL, AllAdvantage didn’t pay you back in the day? I received all the cheques that I was owed.

    There is no risk though and VERY LITTLE work involved, why not join up and get some of your blog readers to join up under your network?  If you’re having trouble obtaining referrals, I can help you out if you like. Tell you what, if you join up under me, i’ll post your referral link in my AGLOCO post to get you started.

    That goes for anyone, if you join under my referral, I’ll post your link in my AGLOCO post to get you started. Just send me an email.


  3. canadian dollars on February 3, 2007 at 12:29 am

    sorry another dumb question. Does the AGLOCO viewbar work with firefox or safari web browsers? It’s not limited to Internet Exploder is it?

  4. FrugalTrader on February 3, 2007 at 7:31 am

    Hi CD,

    No such thing as a dumb question. I’m not sure if AGLOCO will be compatible with firefox, I hope it is b/c I mainly use firefox. :) I’ll look into it for you.


  5. Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer on February 3, 2007 at 11:49 am

    just to make sure I understand the AGLOCO business model well: they make money by charging companies for a chance to “study” Internet habits of AGLOCO members.

    The incentive for members is to make money while browsing and make even more money by setting up a pyramid of referrals?

    In a way, having these companies “spy” on you is not very different than using Air Miles or Aeroplan since you’re allowing them to build a profile on what you buy.

    On the topic of referrals: I had a quick look at your previous blogs but I haven’t seen what would be one’s advantage to join through somebody’s network instead of starting “new”. As in any type of such network, the “last” ones to join might have a harder time finding new candidates thus ending up with less revenues. But it’s not like anybody has to pay anything and lose any money.

    … is that a fair description?

    one thought: AllAdvantage had to cut distributions and then shut down. Is there somethng wrong with this model? The referral scheme is a good way to get users quickly but then becomes an expensive marketing technique. Their goal is to have 10 million users (I’ve read here :

    So let’s assume there are 10.1 million users. One hundred thousands make 5000$ a year ,one million make a 1000$ a year and 9 million make 100$ a year. Unless I’ve missed something, it would mean they’d need revenues of 2.4 billion dollars a year just to break even. hmmm…

  6. FrugalTrader on February 3, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    Hey CMBR,

    Very good points.

    Tracking your internet habits is not the only way that they’ll make money, they’ll make the bulk of their revenue with advertising and affiliate links. On top of that, they have an agreement with major search engines to pay them every time someone uses the AGLOCO Viewbar to search.

    I believe that this business model is better than AllADvantages model as AllAdvantage only displayed advertising banners. AGLOCO will make money from banners/click, impressions, search AND affiliate sales.

    Yip, very fair assumption that the longer you wait to join, the harder it will be to get referrals. There is no benefit of joining under someone elses network except for the fact that they told you about this opportunity. I’ve heard that if you don’t join under someone elses network, your referral will go to charity. But that’s just rumour.

    For those of you worried about the “tracking”, it really is no different than the google toolbar that most people use. Same idea.

    But looking at the bigger picture, it doesn’t cost members anything to join, so there is NO RISK, ALL reward. We’ll just have to wait and see how AGLOCO executes their business strategy.


  7. j57 on February 4, 2007 at 11:48 am

    I’ve just been reading your blog, and aside from all of these posts about this pyramid scheme, it’s been pretty good.

    This type of thing has been tried before and failed.. I still don’t get it. It sounds a little uselss. But if I do understand what algogogocoo is, there seems to me a major flaw with it: who will advertise with it?

    I mean, why advertise with algogog (terrible name) when I’m certain that the “audience” is really just a bunch of poor schmucks hoping to earn a few cents while they browse the internet? This is not a great audience for my new prouct/service (unless my ad is for some shinier pyramid scheme).

    good luck in it though.. but don’t sacrifice an otherwise good blog by “talking” about it too much (read: pimping your referral link). Maybe make a seperate blog for your algoCoog worship, or something. It’s hard to take financial discussion seriously from someone who takes this sort of thing so seriously.

    I just say because I think you’ve been blogging for about 1 month, and after reading the archives, the reason, sorry to say, I will not be subscribing to your blog is there was just too many advertisements, especially for algogocrook

  8. FrugalTrader on February 4, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Hey J57,

    Thanks for your comments.

    If I didn’t believe that people could make money from AGLOCO, I wouldn’t be posting it in My personal finance blog. The reason why I’ve been promoting it is because I’ve made money with AllAdvantage, and AGLOCO is the re-incarnation.. Even if it only lasts for a few payments, or none at all, who cares? No risk involved, no capital spent.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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