Esso 10% Gasoline Discount, Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2018, and Tuesday Money Links

Deals of the Month

Esso Gas Deal (updated Dec 2018)

I want to share with you a gas deal that I’ve been using for the past few months.  If you are a regular Esso gas user (I collect Esso points for the car washes which results in a 2% return), Ebates is offering Price Privileges gas discount cards if you buy reloadable Esso gift cards from Ebates.

Essentially, buy the $250 reloadable gas card and it will come with a $0.10/L Price Privileges discount card for up to 500 L ($50 value).  The discount card will cost $5, but with 2% cash back from eBates, it’s essentially free.

When you buy “reloads”, you will also qualify for another discount card (providing they are available), but what’s neat is that the reloads will automatically and digitally reload the original gift card.

Personally, I use the Esso Extra app (or Speedpass+ app)  if you don’t want to carry around the extra cards.

How do you sign up?

  1. Create an account through Ebates.
  2. Do a search for Esso on the Ebates site which will bring you to their gift card site (you need to create an account on the gift card site too)
  3. Purchase the $250 reloadable gas card.  After purchase, it will ask you to “link” your Ebates account so that they can give you the cash back.  The price privileges card will show up in your email.
  4. Once you receive the reloadable card in the mail, you can purchase the $250 reloads on Ebates.  After purchase, it will also ask you to “link” your Ebates account to credit you for cash back.
  5. After purchasing the $250 reload, the money will automatically be loaded on your physical card, and you will receive an email with your $0.10/L discount card.
  6. I put all the cards in the Esso Extra app to keep it all straight.

I’ve done this a number of times now so let me know if you have any questions!

Canadian Personal Finance Conference Toronto – CPFC

CPFC18 is a two-day conference aimed at personal finance bloggers, journalists, and anyone with a passion for learning more about finance.

As the place to be for all things personal finance for six years running, the 2018 conference is themed around pushing personal finance boundaries and rethinking your approach to money, with presentations, speakers, networking opportunities and more.  I presented the first year CPFC launched and plan to get back there in the coming years.

Nov 4: Pushing the Boundaries of Personal Finance

  • Opening Remarks: Rubina Ahmed-Haq
  • Keynote Speech: Bonnie Brooks
  • Other Speakers Include: Michael Katchen, Melissa Leong and many others

Nov 5: Your Money, Re-Imagined

  • Keynote Speech: Devon Brooks
  • Other Speakers Include: Rob Carrick, Kristen Wood and many others

To soak in the insights and gain inspiration, be the first to get one of 50 early bird tickets with the special rate of $149 and an invite to a VIP soirée!

Tuesday Money Links

Robb at Boomer and Echo does a great job responding to a reader question about the Smith Manoeuvre and expected investment returns.

Gen Y Money writes a lot about passive income and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early).  She writes about lean FIRE and FAT FIRE which is essential if she wants to skimp through retirement or retire when she has a decent buffer.  Which would you pick? Retire sooner on less, or retire a bit later with a bit of cushion?

Do you like to sign up for credit cards just for the bonus (ie churning them)?  I’ve done this before, and it can certainly pay off if you are willing to take a temporary hit on your credit score (use this to check your credit score for free).  Credit Card Genius has an awesome list of credit cards that offer top sign up bonuses.  For me, I have my eye on the Scotia Passport Visa sign up bonus consisting of airport lounge passes (x6) and $250 worth of travel for our next family vacation.

Mark from My Own Advisor shares some of his longer-term financial goals and projected asset values in 5 years.  I’ve always been focused on one big milestone at a time.  First hitting the million dollar net worth goal, now we’re heading towards a large passive income goal.  But what about 10 years from now?  10 years from now?  It’s good to think even bigger every now and again.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post which helps support MDJ with a small commission for your sign up and/or purchase.

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2 years ago

I tried the Esso offer and all I was offered was 1% back and no 0.10 cent discount card. Can you explain further how to receive the offer as you stated the terms to be?

2 years ago

just subscribing to this thread…

Heem Feen
2 years ago

You are welcome FT :-)

Heem Feen
2 years ago

Hi FT,
The 10 cents price privileges card is back on Ebates. They are available for $5 purchase though albeit only with $250 esso gift card (not $100 gift card)
Also the cash back has been increased to 2% from 1%
Check it out. Enjoy !

Heem Feen
2 years ago

Thanks a lot
Will check this out right away
Take care

Heem Feen
2 years ago

Thanks a lot FT
Will wait for your valuable input when the deal comes back
Take care

Heem Feen
2 years ago

Hi FT,
Stumbled on your post lately. Looks like the 10 ¢ price privileges discount card offer has been withdrawn. I can’t see it being offered with the reload. Also, there is just 1% cash back right now & only 2 reload options to choose from :- $100 or $250
Could you please check & confirm
Many thanks in advance

3 years ago

i do not see ESSO listed on , did they remove it ?

3 years ago

Thanks for the mention FT! Have a great week. I didn’t know Ebates has Esso- will definitely have to look into that!